Project Planning for GDPR

New Year, New Data Management Project

On January 2nd, most people will be returning back to work after a Christmas project of greatly reducing their food and drink reserves.

But January will also mark the beginning for a lot of organisations of finally tackling the impending GDPR regulation, coming into effect on 25th of May 2018, which will change how companies can process and control the personal data of EU citizens.

According to our recent survey results, just under 50% of companies have an active project to address GDPR concerns, this leaves approximately half of companies to get the ball rolling.

Project Team Meeting

Framing the Project

Here are just some of the main points that will be discussed on your first meeting.

1. Putting the team together: It is important that your organisation creates a team with the necessary skills to understand and properly work with GDPR regulations. Additional training and the hiring of a Data Protection Officer may be necessary.

2. Identifying data: It is important to identify what personal and sensitive Data your company may hold. An information audit using Data Management software will help to identify this Data, where it originated from and who has shared it.

3. Close the GAP: A GAP analysis is the best way to understand where you are now and where you need to be in relation to compliance.

4. Look to the future: Once your team has identified the data to address and the project work needed to become fully compliant, a Compliance Roadmap should be created to coordinate the effort. Be sure to include clear and realistically achievable timelines.

5. Staying compliant: After your organisation’s Data is fully compliant, much work will need to be done to ensure that you stay on the right side of compliance. Going forward, the best practice would be to put your Data Management in the hands of experts.

This is where Waterford Technologies can help.

We offer Free Data Consultation to enable you to see what you have on email and file servers and take appropriate and timely action to clean it up.

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