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PST-NFS Import manager

Too many PSTs What do you do when user’s mailboxes are overflowing? Set up quotas and try to force housekeeping? Or do

Too many PSTs

What do you do when user’s mailboxes are overflowing? Set up quotas and try to force housekeeping? Or do you give in to the pressure and allow users to have PSTs? Users believe they MUST SAVE EVERYTHING FOREVER! Backups take longer, more expensive storage is needed (tried asking for more budget lately?), and do you really want the headache of archive PSTs scattered across all the desktops?

MailMeter solves the problem of too many PSTs with two solutions:

  1. MailMeter Storage Manager software provide the instant solution you need. It reduces your email storage requirements dramatically by “stubbing” attachments (removing them from messages and replacing them with shortcuts) without sacrificing your ability to access them
  2. Bottomless mailboxes by archiving old mail from mailboxes into an archive and giving users MailMeter ISR, Individual Search and Retrieval, to search the archive from a browser or Outlook Add-in

MailMeter Storage Manager and ISR solve the ‘too many PSTs’ problem

PSTs are dangerous to have around. You can’t control retention periods of email. You can’t easily search them. Users can manipulate the data and delete important email. And PSTS are notoriously unrealible and easily corrupted.

MailMeter takes the pressure off your email server, making storage more efficient than ever. You save immediate costs in storage (messages and attachments are de-duplicated) and backup times; improve the reliability and performance of your email server; improve the performance of Outlook (or Lotus Notes) and the productivity of your users; and reduce the overall costs of management.

MailMeter Storage Manager- Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino

Reduce the size of your email server storage by 50 – 80%

MailMeter Storage Manager dramatically reduces the size of your mail server by “stubbing” the largest portion of the email: attachments. Use MailMeter Storage Manager to “stub” any attachment replacing it with a shortcut link (“stub”) to a copy of the attachment in the Mailmeter Storage manager repository. The user simply clicks on the link to open the attachment in its normal application.


You control the amount of space saved by adjusting the time settings or creating special settings for specific folders, attachment types, or attachment sizes. For example, set the stubbing rules at 5 days for Deleted items, 5 days for Sent Items, 30 days for ZIP files not in Deleted or Sent folders, and 1 day for attachments over 5MB in size, and a default of 180 days for all messages that don’t meet the criteria in the other rules.

MailMeter Storage Manager stubs only the attachments, not the email messages themselves, allowing you to save network traffic and making it seamless for users.

Reduce Email Storage

MailMeter Storage Manager will make a positive impact on your email environment overnight.

  • Reduces backup times – less data means less time to back up and less media needed. Faster backups means faster recovery since there is less data to a mailbox or server
  • Improves reliability – email servers were not designed as document storage systems – they are intended for fast delivery of important messages. Outlook and notes run faster when Storage Manager is installed since mailboxes are smaller and load faster!
  • Say goodbye to mailbox quotas – instead of pushing the burden of housekeeping to users, MailMeter Storage manager is continuously optimizing mailboxes to trim off as much space as your rules dictate
  • No More PSTS! – with smaller mailboxes your users won’t have to maintain personal storage files of their email. Put the messages back into their mailbox and let MailMeter Storage Manager shrink them down automatically

How MailMeter Storage Manager Works

MailMeter Storage Manager is scheduled process that runs according to the schedule you set – daily, weekly, or monthly. You set the rules for stubbing and select all or specific mailboxes to stub.

MailMeter Storage Manager connects to Exchange or Domino with the MailMeter service account credentials and goes through all messages in every mailbox. If a message meets the rules criteria, the attachment is removed (stored in the archive repository if not already there) and replaced with a stub link.


No client software – no user installation

Stubs work with any email client (OWA, Macintosh, mobile devices – Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) – no software is required to be installed. The stub link is a pointer to a web service on the MailMeter server – IIS is required. You can use SSL security for the links. If you want to have stubs active outside your network, set the web service up with an external address.