Questions You Should Ask Your Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider?

We are all aware of the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in the market, therefore it is not surprising that every day we talk to organisations who are either moving to MS Office 365 or who are already using the software.

Waterford Technologies, as an email, eDiscovery & compliance solution provider for nearly 20 years, work seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 & we can see the huge value it delivers as an overall communications platform.

However, from a data management & compliance perspective there are a number of questions you should ask your Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider as there are a number of factors that should be weighed up first if you are thinking of making the move:

  • Where is your data held, what laws and jurisdiction is it subject to ?
  • Who owns your data, is it really yours, is it yours only ?
  • Who has access to your data and what can they do with it ?
  • What happens if a Microsoft Office 365 outage occurs, is there a fall back plan?
  • What level of technical support will you get? Who is there to help you in the event of a compliance issue, security breach,  e-discovery or other investigation.
  • How do you cancel, how long are you committed for ?
  • How do you exit?

So, whether your business is considering a move to Office 365 or you have already migrated, contact our team at Waterford Technologies to see how we can help your make the most of it.

Our product, MailMeter Cloud integrates seamlessly with and are the perfect partner for Microsoft Office 365.