A Quick Cheat Sheet for Email Archiving

The Email Archiving Process

Sarah Vouga – Waterford Technologies


The idea of purchasing an email archiving solution may create a bit of a concern for your company, especially if your company doesn’t have any way of easily searching for lost or deleted emails. However, regardless of the solution you choose to utilize, it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. With a clear objective goal and preparation beforehand, the largest change you will make is the attitude your company takes towards email communication and the embracing of a new, long-term email archiving strategy.

1. Strategy and Readiness:Email Archiving

Amend your email policy to include the archiving of email data, making sure that sent and received mail, and attachments are clearly outlined. Inform your employees of changes to the policy and of the email archiving process. Ensure they understand the reasons for this measure, including email compliance and business security reasons- this should also show how, if any, impact will be made upon their email use.
• Restore any previous email backups you may have to your archive for a complete archive index.

2. Migration and Operations:


Any email archive solution migration process is very straightforward. Your archive can be up and running immediately enabling you time to get staff acquainted with new interfaces and the email archiving process. It might be necessary for some staff members to take on supplementary training, such as IT, HR and legal teams who may use certain features of the archive.
• In the early stages of your email archiving system, this is a good time to do checks and assessments that all data has been successfully migrated and features are in working order.

3. Finish Line:

Congrats. You did it. Now, you sit back and relax. At least when it comes to this specific project. You may find that your email policy may need adjustments as new procedures are put into place, but at the end of the day, your email archive will need very little maintenance and monitoring.

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