Do I really NEED to buy file archiving software?

Using a file archiving software is still the best and easiest way to manage your data.

Gary White – Waterford Technologies

Target your files that are no longer in use and get them off your Tier 1 storage. What we class as critical data to our organisation changes continuously, so why not change the location to the most cost effective option also.

Still unsure ? How does it help ME ?
File Archiving software

(A) Discover what data you have.

Spreadsheets, text docs, presentations etc. are critical to organisations for their day to day business needs, you know they are there, but where exactly?

(B)  Visibility of your data.

Once you have analysed your data it is classifies, indexed and searchable.

(C)  Manage your data.

De duplication takes up an average of 20% of data allowances on your system, identify it and remove it. You can also clean and purge unneeded files. Remove older files from file servers and replace them with “stubs” without disrupting end-users.

(D) Reduce your backup window.

Control your backup times, with the continuous data growth backup times are now stretching to 16, 18 or even beyond 24 hours. With a copy in the archive there is no need to backup that old historical data. This in turn obviously frees up your Tier 1 storage, reduces your media backup costs and improves RPOs and RTOs.

(E)  Reporting

View your files by server, owner, size, type, name, oldest, newest, largest, most frequently changed etc. This allows you to pinpoint and identify usage and abuse of your Tier 1 storage.

(F)  Protect from Accidents and Restore single files

Simply Policies can protect files from accidental deletion, set policy rule “When file is deleted, do not delete the copy from the archive for 30 days”. An end-user loses a file, it can happen !!. Searching backup tapes to restore an individual file is not fun and not a god use of your time or anyone else’s. Archiving allows very granular access to data, offering end-users access without  IT help desk intervention.

(G) Server Consolidation

Removing old files and de duplication across your file servers can save you 60%-70% and allow you to consolidate your servers.


Are you still unsure ??

Well the you obviously don’t need to save storage space, time, resources or money, congratulations!