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Records request management software – the most popular FAQ’s asked by data privacy experts

If, like other organizations you are considering switching to records request management software to move away from a manual spreadsheet-based system, you

If, like other organizations you are considering switching to records request management software to move away from a manual spreadsheet-based system, you probably have a lot of questions. In this blog post we answer the queries that are most frequently asked by data protection and compliance officers.

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If the record request software automates the countdown to deadline – what happens when I need to get proof of identity from the requestor?

DiscoveryControl allows you to ‘pause the clock’ or ‘reset the clock’, depending on the legislation of the act that you are working with.

I have to offer the public the choice to submit their request in more than one language, does DiscoveryControl have a multilingual option?             

Yes – the system can manage multiple languages.

What do delegates see/have access to?

As the software can be customized delegates have access to their dashboard plu a limited sub-set of the data that has been identified as relevant to them. The information governance manager in your organization can have a customized dashboard. You can assign access levels to suit your needs.

How does DiscoveryControl capture a new request?       

Through a public portal or email that enables the fast, simple, and secure creation of uniformed requests straight into DiscoveryControl. All you need to access the record requests is internet access. 

We already have a process in place we want to enhance it, not rewrite it!! Will request management software be customized to our needs?

Check with the providers that you are researching. If you choose DiscoveryControl our expertise is on hand to customize your processes. We understand every industry and location has a variety of needs.  Our consultants work with you to customize the software to fit your processes. Your team uses invaluable sector knowledge to transform requests into categorized cases in two clicks. All categorization are agreed upon, repeatable, and assigned automatic deadlines. The risk of human error is minimized, and compliance is maintained.

Can records request management software report on insights on staff workloads and time spent on requests?            

As DiscoveryControl is is dynamic software constantly storing the data and performance of the users. Reporting insights are essential to pinpoint bottlenecks, detect emerging risks, manage staff workloads, and receive notifications of approaching deadlines. There is an option to manage the Self-Service via the public Disclosure Log. This video gives a quick overview of the entire process.

Is there a function to separate out requests?

Yes, DiscoveryControl has this functionality.

What certification does DiscoveryControl have?    

DiscoveryControl is developed and supported by House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd which is an ISO27001:2013 UKAS Certified Company and which is also Cyber Essentials Certified

What search features are available?

The dashboard and individual cases have search features.  Here’s a quick overview.

In our organization one person manages all the record request processes – why should we replace our spreadsheet with a software system?

Because its purpose-built request management software provides an efficient and collaborative workflow, prove regulatory compliance, and turn requests into fully audited cases.  Read this blog post for more in-depth information.

Is there a data portability facility in your records request management software?          

Yes, DiscoveryControl has an export feature.

Do you use a reputable hosting service?        

Yes, we use Azure in your region to host your data.

Does request management software support multifactor authentication?           

Check with your supplier. DiscoveryControl supports multifactor authentication.

How do I know when someone submits a request?  

Request submission automatically generates a notification to to the recipients of your choice.

How does request management software automatically track the follow-up of tasks to fulfil a request?

By using pre-set automatic reminders via delegations. Your appointed consultant will go through your requirements and best practices as part of the set-up and onboarding process. Never miss a deadline again.

How do you incorporate our current process for dealing with record requests?         

Great question! Your current process is our starting point. We will review your current process via consultancy process. This is the critical piece that aligns the workflow to your exact requirements, and it enables you to fully customize the interface and workflow to your organization and processes

If I only need the Data Breaches Module, can I buy it separately? 

Yes, the flexibility in how we sell so if you only need RoPA or records request then that’s fine.

Can I customize the reports on the dashboard?   

Yes, as the request management software is customizable, the dashboards can be based on interest and role.

What types of email templates are built-in with DiscoveryControl?             

Experience has shown that organizations have their preferred email templates. DiscoveryControl has the facility to add your own to the system. Our consultants help identify where data fields from the cases can be automatically included in the outbound mail.

Is the data encrypted?            

Yes, data is securely encrypted for optimal protection.

What is the cost?         

Currently, the DiscoveryControl pricing model is a SaaS monthly fee with an initial once-off consultancy.

Can I automatically email reports?

Of course, you also benefit from real-time insights into processes and workloads.

If there is a change in the legislation, how will the software cope? 

We’ve got this covered. As advised earlier, DiscoveryControl is completely flexible we can configure changes easily.

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