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Redundant Data is Costing You Money

How Waterford Technologies Can Help You Analyze and Save Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies. The rate of duplicate files on your servers can

How Waterford Technologies Can Help You Analyze and Save

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies.

The rate of duplicate files on your servers can range from anywhere between 15% and 19%. Depending on your industry this duplicate an redundant data can result in a range of problems from unnecessary mailing costs, difficulty in implementing new systems, poor customer care and many other issues which could affect your business and it’s image. Put simply, redundant data costs your business money.

Can you afford to lose customers?

Keeping your customers happy is a vital part of any business so anything that could annoy them or force them to consider leaving needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. Duplicate data could result in these customers being repeatedly contacted and harassed with your news, updates and calls, leaving them less likely to want to carry on trading with your business.

The potential cost of outdated data

If your data management system is outdated and contains duplicate and unwanted data, it makes it harder to adopt new technology that could help your business to become more efficient and streamlined. At Waterford Technologies, we find the main challenge facing most of our customers is coping with the growth in the volume of data they are managing.

Initially, our services are built around reporting, which is as simple as going in there and running our software before helping our customers understand what data they actually have on their file servers. Typically when we do our analysis, the customers are very surprised at the age profile of their data. We regularly run reports and show people files from the early 90’s!

A lot of organisations have a policy around keeping most of their data because they don’t know what to delete and what they should retain. Generally speaking, we find that our clients end up keeping most of their data. We have the capability to go in; we can do an analysis, and view the reports with the customer. We help them understand what they have and then discuss what they want to do with all the data.

New Software Release

With the release of FileAnalyzer Cloud, Waterford Technologies can help your company identify and analyze the growing amount of data and information lurking on your system. By taking advantage of Microsoft Azure scalability and flexibility, FileAnalyzer Cloud can support any size organisation, providing a framework to assist in determining the true value of data and enforcing the day-to-day management of that data according to that value judgement.

Data stored by organisations is increasing at an alarming rate year on year and here at Waterford Technologies we want to maintain our position as market leaders in providing the tools to manage this ever increasing data growth.

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