Did you know 80% of your data is redundant?

Redundant data
Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Redundant Data is Costing you Money!

It’s likely that your organisation will have a backup system currently in place as the loss of data is detrimental to any business. Although you might often think the majority of information held in your storage server is essential, it’s likely that around 80% hasn’t been accessed in over 3 years and approximately 20% will be duplicate data.

Redundant data can often relate to a number of issues including missing information, inaccurate documents and outdated data. This is an area that can therefore be potentially costing your business money – more than 12% of lost revenue could end up being the result of the problem, along with 21% of businesses experiencing reputational damage due to ‘bad data’.

The answer is FileAnalyzer Cloud!

Well, look no further as Waterford Technologies have the solution to your storage woes. FileAnalyzer Cloud is the latest in cloud computing solutions which can analyze and report on your current server storage. Providing the facility to establish the true value of your data, the FileAnalyzer Cloud can help you delete those unwanted and nuisance files taking up all the room.

If you’re unsure as to whether a cloud storage solution is right for your business, it’s important to establish the amount and type of data you have. This will allow you to understand which route to take and the best way to save on potential costs. You may ask yourself whether you have the capabilities to manage any additional physical servers or if the change from server based storage to a cloud option will create a strain on business operations. With the endless benefits of FileAnalyzer Cloud, the transition will be a smooth process, meaning your cost savings can begin sooner rather than later.

At Waterford Technologies, we’re constantly striving to provide the best possible software for your enterprise, so with regular investment and research, we have plans in place to produce further cloud solutions this year.

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