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The Importance of Email Archiving – Dealing with the data deluge anytime, anyplace!

27th August 2020
Are you finding it difficult to manage storage requirements, retain the data that is needed, and dispose of information that is no longer needed in a way that can be defended to regulators and the courts?

Join Michael Osterman, Research Analyst from Osterman Research and Griffin Tamura, Head of US Sales, Waterford Technologies as they explore the following questions:
– What are the best practices for keeping data?
– The impact of the pandemic- what are the long-term ramifications?
– What insight and intelligence can you extract from your archived data?
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Is Office 365 Enough For Your Email Compliance

12th December 2019
Microsoft Office 365 requires full licencing and add on compliance modules to ensure data compliance. We will briefly review review our client feedback and how organisations can complement Office 365 with 3rd party tools that cut costs and enhance email compliance capabilities.
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Moving towards a culture of compliance

3rd & 5th September 2019
As GDPR fines become a weekly occurrence on global news, there’s no question that organisations are ramping up their efforts to show compliance to data protection regulation. As GDPR settles into its 2nd year and CCPA just around the corner, simply creating data protection policy isn’t good enough, that policy needs to turn into practice.
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GDPR Readiness for unstructured data (file and email)

4th July 2019
This webinar is for all those responsible and accountable for the email and file data in your business. The webinar will help you understand the key changes to data protection law, recognise the challenges it imposes on the management of unstructured data and it will give you direction on how to minimise the GDPR risk associated.

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Data management for the not for profit sector

28th May 2019
This webinar will cover the key principles of unstructured data management for non-profits, and how to implement technology that will help you manage the risks facing your organisation in relation to data protection laws for example GDPR.

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