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How to Deal with Large Mailboxes in Office 365

– Does your organisation have to deal with excessively large mailboxes?
– Do you have power users that receive so many emails that they are unable to use their outlook application and must resort to using their outlook webmail instead?
– Have you wasted time talking to a user until you are blue in the face but they don’t hear you?
– Have you tried to give them better systems for the storage of files and shared items so they will stop using the mailbox as storage but still no luck?

Read on if you are interested in hearing about a Solution for Dealing with Large Mailboxes in Office 365 that not only saves time and storage space but also money.
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Report: Office 365 Compliance Gaps Report

Are you ready to search across all your Office 365 data when the need occurs?

If you currently think that Office 365 has you covered in relation to email compliance, you are in for a surprise when it comes to finding data in your email and finding it fast. Email compliance in Office 365 without expensive E5 licensing or Advanced Compliance modules is challenging.

Discover more Office 365 Compliance Gaps in our recent report.
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Email Archiving: A Buyers Checklist

There are many reasons your company or governmental agency may need an email archiving solution—including storage capacity issues on email servers, imminent or future threats of litigation, eDiscovery requests, or employee investigations. But how do you choose the right email archiving solution for your organization? This checklist will help you make the best choice for your needs by asking important questions during your search, such as:

– Is the solution scalable?
– Where will the data be stored?
– Is the solution compatible with your email client?
– And much more
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Expert Insights into Your Data Management Journey, Challenges, Costs, and Solutions around eDiscovery, DSAR’s & FOIA’s

First-Hand advice from the experts.

In this article, Waterford Technologies in association with O’Leary Insurances highlight the issues in play. We identify ways to simplify the data management journey, reduce risk, and reduce costs both human and financial. Throughout the article, we delve into the following topics.

• The legal cost of non-compliance with GDPR, The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other privacy regulations?
• How email and file management providers can help mitigate risk and easily satisfy eDiscovery and Legal requests in a compliant and prompt manner.
• Non-Compliance During Covid- What are the costs?
• How insurance brokers can play a critical role in a business’s planning and protection for GDPR and data breaches.
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Best Practices of Email Management with MailMeter

Download this paper to read about the proactive uses of Email Management Solutions namely MailMeter

Email, as an unstructured data type, can pose control challenges as organisations work towards instilling strong data management practices across the board. Because it is so ubiquitous, most of us have come to rely on it for functions well beyond its original purpose of a communication tool. It’s used as storage, reference, record keeping – none of which are uses that email has been primarily designed for, and where most tools do not perform well.

This paper discusses some ways your organisation can boost its defences against the risks of data exposures, and the savings that can be achieved in storage reduction and improving efficiencies. In addition to its legal and compliance protective activities, MailMeter’s capabilities around data analysis allow the organisation to take a proactive approach to gain useful insights and intelligence from the information they are continually collecting throughout their normal course of business.
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Improving Data Governance Practices

Download this white paper as a step towards improving your data management practice.

Need a review of your data management practices though unsure where to begin? We have put together a summary of practical ways to go about it. This ten-minute read could jump start your thinking on how to deal with the familiar (and the new) challenges of information management.

In this document, we discuss the benefits of effective data governance policies and the potential risks to an organisation that may not have well-defined practices on protecting one of their most valuable assets: the information contained in their stored data and email records. We have suggestions on implementing straightforward methods for ensuring this essential business component is monitored and easily maintained in a legally compliant way.
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Archiving as a Key Element of Good Information Governance

Download this white paper by Osterman Research to see why archiving all email and file content is vital for organisations of every size and industry.

Information governance can be defined as “policy-based control of information to meet all legal, regulatory, risk, and business demands”. It is an essential best practice for any organization, but particularly larger ones that must satisfy a complex set of regulatory, legal and other compliance demands. Archiving technologies – solutions designed to capture, index and store content – are an integral component of any information governance capability and must be considered as part of an overall information governance initiative.
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