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The Rise and Rise of Redundant Data

What is Redundant Data? Redundant is a harsh word. These days, we mostly associate it with human resources in the job market

What is Redundant Data?

Redundant is a harsh word. These days, we mostly associate it with human resources in the job market but it has a wider meaning and also applies to useless files sitting unnecessarily on your server taking up costly storage space, adversely affecting performance. Typically, up to 80% of your server is comprised of redundant data.

Irrespective of company size, the amount of obsolete data that builds up in the background on servers is often a big and unpleasant surprise for those unfortunate IT bods tasked with assessing what is there, what comprises it and what the next course of action should be ideally. There are a number of reasons this “creep” in redundant data occurs but mainly it comes from a lack of comprehensive oversight and awareness or a procrastinating approach to server management. Also with the best will in the world, IT staff just simply don’t have the time to proactively manage their data!

Dealing with problems only when they become unbearable is part of some peoples’ makeup but it could end up being detrimental to business operations and infrastructure. In the case of server clean-up, procrastination will certainly make it worse for your business, which is why Waterford Technologies are here to help.

How to plan for Server “Spring Cleaning” 

Redundant Data Questions
Redundant Data Checklist

Creating a comprehensive checklist like the one above will give the Redundant data cleanup project a focus and direction and allow your Data Managers to decide a clear path for rectifying the problem.

Cloud or On-Premise – We Have Your File Clean-up Covered

Since approximately 80% of data presently residing on your servers is redundant, the TCO to manage this useless data is only trending one way….UP!

SISCIN, our Cloud File Archiving solution will not only free up much needed space on your server, it will also allow you to delete old and obsolete files you no longer need. SISCIN provides Data Managers with both oversight and in-depth analysis of their server estate across multiple geographic regions. SISCIN can identify valuable data and delete or move redundant or seldom used data to cheaper Cloud Storage.

We deploy File Archiver “on premise” for companies, who prefer to, for their own reasons, avoid the Cloud.

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