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SISCIN – Your Key to Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Key Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at the Top 5 Cloud Fears which have killed off

Cloud Migration Key

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at the Top 5 Cloud Fears which have killed off or put Cloud migration projects on ice and the subsequent Cloud Fears Addressed which have opened conversations with clients who find themselves at a crossroads on key migration decisions. This week, we take a deeper look at our File analysis and archiving solution, SISCIN, which provides the skeleton key to migrating your Unstructured File Data to the Cloud.

Our customers use SISCIN to take the fear out of migrating Data to the Cloud, so they can take advantage of Azure or AWS Cloud Platforms.

SISCIN Key Dashboard
SISCIN Dashboard

How it Works

MAP – Install the lightweight “agent”, set up your “watch points” on specified locations and run an inventory of your Data (snapshot). Then use the SISCIN dashboard to see the oversight of the analysis and make decisions based on fact.

MANAGE – from your initial Data mapping exercise, organise your Data by performing deletion, deduplication and archiving. Set up rules for future “archive”, “delete”, “restore” and “stub” policies to maintain your Data compliance for GDPR and other regulations.

MOVE – Using bit-level encryption for maximum security, compress and encrypt all your Data prior to migration. Data is encrypted at rest and in motion at all times and the SISCIN “Keystore” gives clients full control of their Data and circumvents “Vendor Lock-in” as the keys can be stored by themselves or a trusted 3rd party.

Destination Options

Local – harness the power of the Cloud with the flexibility to archive locally.

Cloud – like it says on the tin – move Data direct to Cloud securely and save massively on Tier 1 storage costs.

Client Satisfaction

“I cannot emphasise just how easy it was to set up SISCIN. We can see, manage and move our Data to the Cloud…”
IT Director, top Pharma organisation, UK

“The insight that SISCIN provided has enabled my team to get a compliant grip on our File Data and set Data management policies that make sense for us going forward…”
CIO, Government Department Ireland

“I made an inquiry on Tuesday afternoon, looked at a demo on Wednesday and by Friday, we were moving cleaned down Data to the Cloud for cheap storage! Amazingly fast and completely cut the fat out of our Data Migration project”
Data Protection Manager, Finance Industry, London. 


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