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Six of the best business benefits of case management software

The increase in the number of FOI, FOIA, DSAR, EIR, HIPPA, requests being submitted has resulted in many organizations outgrowing the case

The increase in the number of FOI, FOIA, DSAR, EIR, HIPPA, requests being submitted has resulted in many organizations outgrowing the case management systems they lovingly created in Excel and Microsoft Dynamics. It may seem easier to stick with what you know that to try and source a new system. Is it really easier to stick with what you know instead of using a purpose built system? Let’s discuss six of the best business benefits of case management software.

1. More efficient = time saved

In his best-selling book, Building a Second Brain, Tiago Forte tells us:

Microsoft’s research shows that the average US employee spends 76 hours per year looking for misplaced notes, items, or files.

A report from the International Data Corporation found that 26%of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across various systems. Incredibly, only 56 % of the time can the information needed to do their jobs be found!

Let’s look at those figures differently. On average we spend 1 of our 5 workdays a week looking for information to do that work. Half the time we don’t find the information.

The average person works 48 weeks a year, they lose 48 days looking for information, 56% of which can’t be found. Who wouldn’t like to get back 48 days’ worth of productivity?

Worth noting that the above figures are based on general knowledge workers. As case management is so time intensive it is reasonable to think that the time spend searching for files is much higher. There’s also the added benefit of the time you don’t have to spend watching productivity hacks on TikTok or YouTube.

2. Cost savings

In addition to the overall cost of time saved looking for information, more savings are made by:

  • Automated data capture for requestors
  • Manually logging requests
  • Allocating tasks and deadlines to employees
  • A full audit trail is automatically created
  • Identifies common requests giving the opportunity to share them publicly. This reduces the number of requests received
  • Ability to respond to requests within the deadline
  • An extensive reporting facility reduces the amount of time spent creating reports 

3. Case management software reduces the risk of human error

Organizations that haven’t made the switch to purpose built case software tend to use spreadsheets or Microsoft Dynamics. These options require a lot of planning and ongoing manual management.

In a previous blog post we discussed how spreadsheets are dependent on manual entry. Formatting errors can cause big problems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service has several components that work together to provide an end-to-end case management solution that helps identify cases and routes each case to the right agent who can provide guidance and resolve it. Seems like a good idea, however, as it’s not purpose-built there is room for error.

In both these instances, you are responsible to ensure that any changes to legal requirements are updated. DiscoveryControl is a managed service, we ensure that best practices are followed.

If your current DPO (Data Protection Officer) leaves the role will their replacement be familiar with a manually created system? Will they be able to make changes as required?

4. Case management software ensures compliance

As a managed service we will ensure the system is fully compliant. Our consultants are constantly aware of changes to legislation. Their knowledge is shared with your team which reduces your training costs.

Data privacy

5. Security

Encryption in Microsoft needs to be set up manually, which may be challenging. As a purpose built case management software data in DiscoveryControl is automatically encrypted.You don’t need to allocate resources to setting up and reviewing encryption.

6. Consistency

The automated workflow removes the risk of bias, and possible legal action,  by ensuring the same procedure is followed for every request. Since all requests are treated fairly, responses are replied to equally. Your organization’s branding is applied to the response.

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