Exchange on-premise

MailMeter is a trusted 3rd Party archiving solution designed to enhance your experience using on-premise exchange

Reduce the Size of Your Email Server by Up To 80% With MailMeter's Storage​ Manager


Companies that rely on the archiving capabilities featured as part of their On-Premise Exchange put the power to archive in the hands of each of their employees.

Performance, Reliability, and Backup

Email and attachment volumes impact the performance speed and reliability of your email server, which increases your backup timeframes and costs.

Email Volume

Removal of single-instance, duplication, and especially attachments all add to the ever-increasing volume of your email. The demand for your on-premise solutions needs continuous updating, monitoring, and management which impacts the performance.

Storage Issues

Most email data contain both essential business and regulatory or compliance information, so it needs to be retained for ease of use by staff and to meet regulations. This leads to companies enforcing mailbox quotas and limits which in turn results in users pushing data to non-secure locations such as PST’s, resulting in ever-increasing storage that is now non-secure and invisible for regulations, creating a reliability issue also.


This continuous growth without control or visibility means backup window timeframes continue to grow and even exceed 24 hours, resulting in gaps or missing data in the event of a ransom attack, server failure, or eDiscovery case. More common issues are the spiraling uncontrollable costs.

Retention Management

On-Premise exchange does not provide the ability to create granular policies to ensure emails are being stored correctly. The lack of retention ability poses compliance concerns.  

E-Discovery & Search

On-Premise exchange provides limited search capabilities. Search can only be performed on each mailbox, meaning if you need to search across multiple users for potential eDiscovery cases. Sharing search results is not easy, once you have found the results you will have to create one or more PST’s to share them.

Take the pressure off your email server using our purpose-built archiving solution. Ensure every email is saved in the exact condition it was sent or received. Capture, save and index all emails, historical and/or from PST ‘s.

Performance and Reliability

MailMeter’s Storage Manager puts you back in control of your on-premise email platform to increase performance, reliability, and reduce your backups.

Email Volume

Immediately reduce your email volume by up to 80% by targeting the largest quantity of data, attachments. Storage Manager replaces the attachments within your emails with a ‘Stub’ link and relocates the attachment to the archive.

Storage Issues

As all emails are indexed on ingestion, Storage Manager only retains a single instance in the archive which removes duplication. All emails are captured in real-time, historical capture and PST ingestion for a single secure archive, allowing you to reduce the emails held in your server. No need for additional hardware or having to worry about end-users implementing controls, as MailMeter Storage Manager has it all.


The MailMeter archive only requires periodic backup as the data is static in our secure architecture and all data is compressed and encrypted, giving you a massive storage saving and peace of mind. This allows for the removal of data from your on-premise email server, so you are only backing up ‘live’ or recent data, resulting in not only an 80% storage-saving but also a 60-70% reduction in backup timeframes and costs.

eDiscovery & Search

MailMeter Email archiving can also assist with certain e-Discovery scenarios, e.g., by providing a special auditor user access to the archive to search across all archived mailboxes. MailMeter allows you to find all email quickly and easily using the most advanced search criteria in the industry.

Preparing to move to Office 365? We can help…

A key question our customers ask is “how much data to bring?”. We can advise on whether to bring all data, partial data or no data saving you time and money.   

MailMeter Cloud can provide a safety blanket: A copy of all data is extracted into mail meter prior to migration, giving users access to historical mail during migration process and as a fall back if things go wrong or are delayed.  

• End User retrieval: end users can search and retrieve any of their own historic emails even if they have been deleted.  

• Access to data if any issues with access to cloud.  

• Ability to move away from Office 365™ if required in the future.  

• Regulatory compliance and policy enforcement.  

• Archives multiple email platforms in a single, searchable repository on site. 

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