eDiscovery & Litigation

Full Confidence Insight Into Your
Email and File Data

Mitigate risk and easily satisfy all eDiscovery and Legal requests in a compliant and timely manner.
eDiscovery & Litigation

The Compliance Challenge

Email and file data can form some of the most important pieces of evidence in legal cases. It provides concrete details of statements made, pictures and documents, agreements and change orders, inappropriate language and state of mind.

eDiscovery and Litigations Costs

The main challenge with the Email and file data eDiscovery is the sheer volume of data. Locating and retrieving important data for litigation purposes in a timely manner is a growing challenge for organizations.

Complicated Search Criteria

eDiscovery requests can cost an organization thousands of Euros and can often require the need to hire outsourced firms or paralegals to perform these searches.

Avoid Evidence Spoliation

Organizations must ensure a tamper-proof archive containing a legally compliant copy of all Email and file data to maintain integrity. During litigation messages must be protected from deletion by users.

Review Access

eDiscovery and litigation cases often require employees and external auditors to review and access data, with this comes the risk of exposing confidential or proprietary information.

Benefits of Waterford Technologies
Compliance Solution

Search through millions of Email and file data in seconds. ComplyKEY’s advanced search interface and extremely fast response time enable you to quickly and easily respond to legal discovery requests.

Save Time & Money

Easy to use software for legal, governance and IT departments to efficiently preserve, collect, search and prove data management. No requirement for expensive training and additional resources to perform eDiscovery and Litigation requests.

Peace of Mind

Detailed audit trail reporting to satisfy and demonstrate strict regulatory standards. Full visibility for effective monitoring, eDiscovery, auditing and reporting across a variety of data regulation standards. Empowering you to easily reduce Email risk, detect and respond in real-time to threats and prove regulatory compliance.

Comply with Regulations

Find every single Email and file in your organization, conduct eDiscovery, freedom of information and DSAR’s searches directly from your desktop anywhere. The platform gives you the ability to narrow the scope of your search across Email using clearly defined criteria.

Powerful Search

Powerful and customisable search tools allow quick access to your archived information when time matters the most.

Advanced eDiscovery
Search by keyword, world lists, time, subject, message content, attachment content as well as conversations between individuals or between groups of people.
Investigate and Filtering
MailMeter can do Boolean, proximity, fuzzy, boosted and regular expressions (REGEX) searches.
History Capture
Searches can be saved, and previous searches can be re-executed.

Tagging and Legal Hold

Reduce the risk of by preserving identified Email and file data using legal hold!
Real-time message filtering, tagging, and labeling- enables an organization to define proactive pre-archiving rules that can discard, tag or label messages based on participants, type or keyword content
Legal Hold
Enable Legal Hold on any message using special “Hold” tags. “Hold” tags are a special user-configurable tag type that once applied prevents messages from being deleted from the archive.
Redact personal and protected information in Email and file data.

Send for Review

Collaborate with internal and external teams to share documents during all phases of eDiscovery and litigation
Exports are quick and easy to generate and messages can be exported to EML, PDF, or PST. Exports are never throttled and there is no limit to the number of messages that can be exported.
Scoped Searching
Enable authorized users to set up restricted access for eDiscovery or compliance searching. Using scoped searches, archive access can be limited to any search criteria, which specific types of tags can be used, and which type of actions can be performed
Delegated Access
The new delegated access feature enables one user to access and search through other users Email stored in the archive.

Avoid non-compliance fines with Our MailMeter Solution

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