File Cost Savings

Reduce your File Storage Costs

Save up to 70% in storage costs while enjoying quick and seamless file access throughout your organization

Challenged with Managing Large Amounts of Data
and Out of Control Storage Costs?

80% of your “active” data is either old or rarely accesses. Data is now generated at a faster pace meaning that primary storage costs increase, and backups become more time-consuming.

Efficient Data management allows you to reduce your Backup timeframes and costs by up to 70%. Identify duplicates and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial content (ROT) to keep data clean, reduce file storage costs, improve visibility and achieve data readiness for data compliance. Start with the following steps.

Understand Your File Data

The first step is to gain an understanding of your file data. Do you have visibility on how much duplicated or redundant data you’re maintaining? What is obsolete or no longer used? Analyze your data & eliminate ROT. With visibility, you can remove obsolete data and set retention policies.

Conduct a Clean-Up

There was a time that the mindset on storage was “keep it all, we may need it”. But with data piling up and regulation controlling how data should now be managed, that has changed. And the load on your servers can be lightened with a bit of attention to what you are maintaining in file storage. Server performance is noticeably improved, back up times & costs cut substantially. Our clients typically reclaim about 20% of their storage space though the initial data clean-up process.

Set Best Practice Archiving / Retention Policies

Setting up automation to classify stored data will help maintain it in the best manner you want. Designated retention policies can operate behind the scenes while you get on with business. Archive those files which you need to keep but don’t require regular access. Typically, our clients can archive approx. 40% of their data which is encrypted and compressed before moving to the archive location. This data is generally older data and compressed down to a third of its size so less data to archive, (dependent on the type of data); so, left with 40% active data on their file server.

Be Secure

Data is a valuable commodity and so requires protection. Is your data encrypted? This can be easily be accomplished as part of an automated storage process. SISCIN is designed to be highly scalable and highly available. Utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform to ensure we provide the maximum security, resilience and uptime always.

How much storage space could you be recovering?

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Use File Server Archiving to RECLAIM file server space,
REDUCE back up times and SAVE money

Start archiving to optimize storage costs today. Everyone has data that retention requires them to be kept for long periods but won’t be touched for years. We help you reduce storage pricing with our limiting your access and responsiveness

Intelligent Management

Empower Data Managers to understand, identify and clean your data. Remove obsolete data and clean your data in preparation for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX and other government, federal, state and industry laws.

Reduction of Time

Reduce the pressures and demands on IT by giving them the tools to control and manage their unstructured file data from one central dashboard. Reduce current Back up time and the demands on primary and expensive disk with the removal of obsolete and the archiving of older data.

Reduction of Cost

Management of Tier 1 Storage. Removal of redundant, obsolete, non-business critical data to Tier 2 or 3 Storage. Leading to the reduction of back-up costs. The choice of multiple storage pools to meet your organization’s data profile.


Bit Level Encryption – SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on your servers before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different Cloud or Local Tiered Storage locations and with different Cloud providers for additional security.


SISCIN with Vue-X provides advanced content indexing before archiving. Giving you search capabilities to analyze, identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for FOIA, DSAR or eDiscovery management.

Immutable Retention

WORM storage has traditionally been expensive and difficult to consume. But not anymore. SISCIN delivers Write- Once-Read- Many (WORM) storage for security and compliance through the convenience of a cloud archive, as standard.