File eDiscovery

E-Discovery and File Archiving for Compliance

Manage 90% of all searches in less than 10 minutes. Meet legal and regulatory challenges proactively. Gain compliance confidence with a defensible approach to your file archiving, discovery and review strategies. We here to help.

Constantly Reacting to a Litigation Event is Risky and Expensive

Litigation readiness affects every organization. It is essential in today’s environment that HR, Legal, IT and Compliance professionals have in-house eDiscovery tools to provide corporate data visibility and alleviate compliance risk. Is your organization litigation ready?

Meeting eDiscovery and Compliance Demands Quickly

Locating and retrieving important data for litigation purposes promptly is a growing challenge for organizations. Existing regulations are constantly evolving, and new ones are appearing. DSAR’s and FOIA’s are on the increase and at the same times employees are generating and storing more data than ever before. As this silo of data grows the tolerance for data management failures decreases and the risk of exposure, penalties and potential reputation damage increases.

E-Discovery and Litigation Costs

Ordinarily, data growth is a pain point for businesses in terms of cost, whether it is stored on expensive “Tier 1” storage or pushed into backup silos unexamined. However, with data compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and FOIA what lurks in your unstructured data could cost you dearly in reputation and financial penalties.

Complicated Search Criteria and Review

E-Discovery requests can cost an organization thousands of Euros and can often require the need to hire outsourced firms or paralegals to perform these searches. Cases often require employees and external auditors to review and access data, with this comes the risk of exposing confidential or proprietary information. Reviewing cases quickly and effectively with automated culling at the review stage can significantly reduce if not eliminate third party costs.

We here, we know your organization, we’re ready to help, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years


Harness Powerful E-Discovery Tools

Get more proactive about your eDiscovery action plan. SISCIN Vue-X provides an integrated archive with simple to use self-service eDiscovery. With searchable content of unstructured file data at its core, SISCIN Vue-X allows unprecedented access and visibility to the content of your file server data. Providing search by keywords and phrases of 550 different file types, regardless of the file extension.

Search for DSAR and FOIA

File data by its very structure is difficult if not impossible to search through for specific content, making even basic keyword searches time consuming and resource heavy. Vue-X provides visibility into TB’s of data in seconds for full Search, Retrieval, Review, Tagging and Export for DSAR’s, FOIA’s and other investigations

Flexible Search Options

Our solutions allow you to manage 90% of all searches in less than 10 minutes, for anything more, our managed service eDiscovery experts are just a local call away. Vue-X provides SIMPLE, ADVANCED, and COMPLEX search options for keyword, phrase, Boolean, path, owner, creation, modified, and pre-set filtering searches.

Policy Based

All our solutions are policy based and can run automatically in the background. Set policies for monitoring, managing, retention, filtering and e-Discovery. Simply set your criteria for age, keyword, department or user and we’ll do the rest.

eDiscovery & Archive

The best of both, secure and encrypted cloud archiving with a fully customizable content search of eDiscovery, legal, internal and global regulations. The right data in the right place, saving you time and money with full peace of mind

Reduce the IT Burden

SISCIN Vue-X is a multipurpose file archive and compliance platform that can serve multiple roles within the organization. Admins can assign self-service control for HR, legal and compliance teams to relieve the burden on IT. Full audit trail ensures you organization is always compliant and confirms your data has not been tampered or altered.

Waterford Technologies delivers the capabilities you need to rapidly index and search large data sets,
manage legal holds, and produce content in various format 

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