Immutable File Storage

Unalterable Storage for Compliance Retention

Waterford Technologies Write Once Read Many (WORM) Compliance Archive is Accessible and Secure

WORM Archives Excel,
Where Ransomware Protection Fail

Ransomware has emerged as one of the top threats facing organizations, large or small, with researchers reporting more than a fourfold increase in detections last year. Organizations like yours, have critical data that you just cannot risk, the best way to protect that data is to store it where it cannot be altered by Ransomware.

Why you Need Immutable Archiving!
Human Element
  • Security fatigue

  • Novel phishing attacks

  • Higher risk working remotely

  • Social engineering

  • Robust Firewalls
  • Can be compromised eventually

  • Are often out of date

  • New ransomware developments

  • Backup Management & Storage
  • Backups can be effected

  • Data is encrypted here by malware preventing
    recovery and paralyzing operations

  • SISCIN TripleLock Archive

    The SISCIN Triplelocks are

    Waterford Technologies’ has you covered with SISCIN TripleLock Archives. This security addition to SISCIN file archiving offers immutable write once read many, compliance storage that is both secure and easy to use at no additional cost.
    Protected by your credentials
    Protected by SISCIN AES Encryption
    Write Once Read Many (WORM)

    Powerful SISCIN Triplelock Archives for
    Ransomware Defense and Recovery

    SISCIN TripleLock archives allow organizations to quickly implement WORM technology that makes immutable “locked” copies of their data within the cloud, thereby providing comprehensive ransomware protection. With SISCIN Triplelock your data is protected using passwords only you know, is encrypted and compressed on premise, sent to the cloud across secure connections and is placed in immutable storage.

    Ransomware Defence and Recovery

    • Archive files directly to Immutable (WORM) Cloud Storage.

    • Quick recovery from successful premise attack – Restore original file back to its original or alternate location.

    • No need to worry about backup re-cycling or expiration, protection \ cover can persist for years if required.

    Secure Document Retention

    • Time-based retention – Data cannot be deleted or modified by user or system, including account administrative privileges.

    • Prevents container deletion.

    • Prevents storage account deletion.

    Ensures Regulatory Compliance

    • Immutable storage helps organizations address SEC 17a-4(f), CFTC 1.31(d), FINRA, and other regulations.

    • Satisfy auditors with bullet-proof immutability of your file data.

    Legal Hold

    • Enables organizations to store sensitive information that is critical to litigation or business use in a tamper-proof state for the desired duration until the hold is removed.