Fully managed data archiving service

Delivered with the value of experience

We provide the toolset to completely manage email and file data with the support of our team of data management experts.

ComplyKEY – Fully managed data archiving

Take the cost and complexity out of email and file archiving

Managed data archiving – let us do the heavy lifting

Digital transformation is here, along with the headaches that come with it. Our motto is ‘keep it simple’; that ethos is in how we work with you, how our solutions are deployed, how you get support, and how to use our products. And if you need us to do it for you, we will. – other systems are overly complex, are you sure you will be comfortable using them when needed?

No requirement for Microsoft administrators or training

The costs involved in hiring external consultants in the event of an e-Discovery case can be significant. Our managed data archiving solutions for email and file includes access to our expert eDiscovery consultants for assistance with complex searches and providing best practices when you really need them.

Return on investment

We approach each client project by first defining their business outcomes. Waterford Technologies managed archiving service consistently deliver on three common outcomes:

  • we reduce costs by providing a return on investment that is 5 times the cost of MailMeter
  • we offer a fully managed service
  • provide software that can be used in a matter of seconds without any training.

Do you have a specific need or just want to discover what’s possible? We want to hear from you.

Our Expert Support Includes

Innovative Technology Applied by Experts

Installation and Setup Configuration

Our software takes between just 4 – 5 hours to setup. We will be there every step of the way to ensure smooth installation.

Future Planning Collaboration

We have been doing this for over 20 years’, with specialists in e-Discovery, compliance, data management, and data lifecycle strategies. There is not a question we have not heard or helped with.

FOIA and e-Discovery Assistance

If you received an urgent data request tomorrow how would you deal with it? Our solutions allow you to manage 90% of all searches in less than 10 minutes, for anything more, our managed service e-Discovery experts are just a local call away.

Regular Proactive Health Checks

Our dedicated management team runs regular proactive health checks, end of year account reviews and real-time 24/7 monitoring.

Dedicated Account Management Team

We have made it our business to truly understand and apply this knowledge to what constitutes operational excellence in email and file archiving for every project we undertake. We are proud of the team we have developed at Waterford Technologies that combines technical expertise with many years of operation experience.

Extended Support Hours & 24/7 Monitoring

Very rarely do our clients have the luxury of only working in normal office hours. It is important to be there when our clients need us and as such, we offer you with the ability to tailor your support plan to align with the hours you require covered.

Whether you have a specific need or just want to discover what’s possible, we would love to hear from you.