Office 365 Compliance & Retention

Improve O365 Email Archiving and Compliance with MailMeter  
Migrating to Office 365 or thinking of migrating?

Remember your sensitive data migrates with you and Office 365 by itself is not a compliance or retention platform.  

Office 365 offers great benefits for organizations moving their email to the cloud, but Office 365 offers neither the functionality nor the security that IT departments require without additional add-ons or 3rd party software. 

Ensuring regulatory compliance and servicing eDiscovery and data requests using native Office 365 tools can be an overwhelming challenge. Microsoft agrees and requires expensive Office 365 add-ons or user licenses to supplement native tools to manage eDiscovery, retention, legal hold and to meet compliance requirements. 

Here are some of the challenge’s organizations face using Office 365 for compliance and data retention  

Compliance Gaps

Simple keyword searches across all email accounts are impossible without a 3rd party compliance solution or expensive add-ons. eDiscovery, retention and legal hold all require expensive and complex add-ons or full E5 licenses. 

Data Loss

Shared mailboxes have storage limits with no retention, discovery, accountability, compliance or legal hold capabilities 


Office 365 eDiscovery and compliance require complex planning and implementation, with slow and sampled search results that are difficult to review, retrieve, and export. Sampled results mean you can’t see if the search is correct or contains huge amounts of non-relevant information, you only find out when you’ve completed your download which could take hours or days and results in a completely new search.

Increased Costs

To provide eDiscovery, retention, compliance, and visibility O365 requires E3 with add-ons or E5 licenses for every user including Shared, Inactive, Ex-Users and Legacy users. MailMeter works with EVERY license so you only pay for the license you need. Learn more about Office 365 email archiving with Waterford Technologies   

Why a 3rd party Discovery and Compliance solution is
necessary with O365

With MailMeter and Office 365, you can have confidence that you can prove the existence or non-existence of any email. MailMeter keeps secure copies of every email sent and received by your organization. - MailMeter captures all historical and live email data for every mailbox, regardless of O365 license or active mailbox.


MailMeter captures an absolute copy of all emails sent and received by your organization. Journaling and Historical Capture helps ensure full message capture for compliance and eDiscovery purposes–even if an end-user deletes or alters a message in Office 365, the original, unaltered copy remains in the MailMeter archive. All emails are single-instance, digitally stamped and encrypted so you can prove the email has not been edited or tampered with.

Secure Copy 

MailMeter keeps a secure copy of every email sent and received by your organization. All data in the archive is encrypted for protection at rest within the Cloud Archive, the archive is also tamperproof to ensure integrity meaning you can have 100% confidence in the accuracy of the data. 

Prevent Data Loss During Migration

MailMeter with Office 365 provides a safety blanket by creating a copy of your data before it is migrated. This provides you with a fall back if something goes wrong, or the process is delayed. Users can also access this copy of your data during the migration process meaning they will still have access to their historical mail. 

Retention Management 

The information an organization chooses not to retain is as important as the information they choose to retain. MailMeter allows you to implement retention policies to meet regulations, by users, departments, keywords, phrases, attachments to meet the various complex retention regulations in your sector and not just by a generic date. Keep what you need, which is key article under GDPR and best practice data protection.

Litigation Hold

The MailMeter Retention Manager protects any email destruction with a Litigation Hold capability that can lock down a user, group, or selected emails to meet your legal department’s requirements.

FOIA/ DSAR Requests

If you receive a DSAR or FOIA in the morning, MailMeter has you covered. Our Solution will give you full Search, Retrieval, Review, Tagging, Export for DSAR’s, FOIA or investigations. MailMeter has flexible search options e.g. By keyword, date, user, phrase, Boolean, content, attachment searches. Our solutions allow you to manage 90% of all searches in less than 10 minutes, for anything more, our managed service eDiscovery experts are just a local call away.