Reduce your Office 365 Costs

Fully Managed eDiscovery, O365 & File Management, and for less than what you pay to Back up your O365 mailboxes!

We Create Office 365 Cost Savings to
Make Your IT Budget Go Further

We simplify compliance and reduce Office 365 costs by

Removing Redundant Mailboxes

Typically, more than 10% of all Office 365 licenses are redundant, you can also remove the backup for these licenses. We ingest all your historical emails into our compliant hosted environment.

Lowering Storage Costs in Office 365

Office 365 mailboxes grow over time as they did on-premise, let us carry the load so you don’t have to upgrade your Office 365 license. Every single email is captured by MailMeter with granular search capabilities for eDiscovery.

Avoid Upgrades to Higher 0365 Plans & Additional Advanced Compliance

MailMeter provides full eDiscovery regardless of the Office 365 license, so no need for expensive upgrades. Most of the time MailMeter costs less than what you are paying to just Backup your mailbox.

Stop Over Licencing or Mis Licensing

To provide eDiscovery, retention, compliance, and visibility O365 requires E3 with add-ons or E5 licenses for every user. MailMeter works with EVERY license, providing growth, eDiscovery and managed service experts.

Eliminate Shared Mailboxes

Eliminate the need for Shared Mailboxes which cannot be assured in terms of legal compliance, data retention, legal hold, e-Discovery, or accountability. Let Shared mailboxes be what they are designed to be and not a dumping ground for ex-users or legacy data.

No Requirement for Microsoft Administrators or Training

The costs involved in hiring external consultants in the event of an eDiscovery case can be significant. Our solution also includes access to our expert eDiscovery consultants for assistance with complex searches and providing best practice.

Key Benefits of Using MailMeter with Office 365

Waterford Technologies Mailmeter Email Archiving Solution for Office 365 offers a cloud-based archive for storing all email.
It is designed to help Office 365 customers mitigate the risk of moving their email infrastructure to the cloud.


MailMeter Cloud is a cost-effective add on to your current O365 subscription and an alternative to the E3 and E5 plans without the requirement for expensive compliance add ons. Use the licenses you have and only change when you need to.

Compliance and Policy Enforcement

Intelligent email archiving, message tagging, annotations, export to multiple formats all via a consistent intuitive interface. Centralize and simplify control, security and governance of data retention policies.

Avoid Single Vendor Dependency

MailMeter Cloud provides a separate repository for your eDiscovery outside of your email tenant. With much of the workforce working in a remote environment, this is particularly important.

Simple Search, eDiscovery and Investigation

Rapidly search your Office 365 Archive and retrieve content within milliseconds. Removes the complexity in conducting searches. No additional licensing, training, or expensive software required.

Retention Management

The MailMeter Retention Manager protects any email destruction with a Litigation Hold capability that can lock down a user, group, or selected emails to meet your legal department’s requirements.

Remote Access

Access email from anywhere using intuitive and powerful desktop apps – users can easily search for and access content without help from IT.

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