Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance
With Your Company’s Email and File Data

The ultimate compliance tool — giving you the ability to set up a data retention policy that is right for your organization.
The Challenge

The Compliance Challenge

The increased value of data has meant that governments are establishing their own data protection laws such as GDPR, FOIA, CCPA & Mifid which can come at a great cost for organizations if found to be in breach of these laws.


Government, federal, state and industry regulations require organizations to retain digital communication data for potential review and retrieval.


Without a proper compliance strategy and archiving software, organizations tend to hold onto Email and file data way beyond the periods mandated by retention requirements.

Business Productivity

Retaining un-required data can create server pressure, risk of silent data corruption, and additional liability for your business, but also impedes overall business productivity.

Cost of Compliance

The cost of compliance goes well beyond the regulatory fines that we see in the news, it can also include, reputation damage, recovery plan implementation, eDiscovery costs, costs of diagnosing the source or loss of a breach and notification costs.

Benefits of Waterford Technologies
Compliance Solution

Waterford Technologies is a pro-active Email and File Compliance and Management focused solutions provider. We have vast experience in helping our clients meet their compliance requirements, reducing risk, and addressing eDiscovery requests easily, quickly, and successfully.

Total Control

The ability to retain specific Emails or files from specific users and apply a litigation hold to relevant Emails allows you to avoid accidental or wilful deletion. For example, applying a litigation hold to an Email will ensure that it will be retained past its normal retention period. After the mail is no longer required, removing the litigation hold will mean the mail is automatically purged on the next scheduled run.

Full Transparency

Waterford Technologies captures and stores a copy of every file and Email independently of end-user actions. If a user deletes an Email or file, Waterford Technologies will still have a complete copy of this message stored securely in the archive. All Email captured is also assigned a unique digital signature. This means you can be sure any Email retrieved has not been altered in any way providing you with a secure and verifiable archive.

Customisable Data Retention Policy

Retention can be controlled by time and /or by person groups. Person groups can be created that contain current and former users and then retention categories can be applied to those groups. For example, your organization wants to set a retention policy of 5 years for all message but users in the Executive or Financial organizations need to be kept for 7 years. MailMeter set it and forget it Retention Policies make sure that messages are kept according to your record retention policies.

ComplyKey Solution

Waterford Technologies ComplyKEY solution offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind — ensuring your organization is in line with today’s various compliance rules and regulations now and into the future.

Advanced Search

Individual search and retrieval provide your end-users with powerful search features including wildcard, Boolean, verb tense, and proximity search. Searches can also be narrowed by data range, Email address, and domain. This allows your end-users to find any Email they have ever sent or received even if it was deleted without submitting a request to the IT department.
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Audit Trails

Ensure you are always compliant with a complete audit trail of your organization Email and file data. Full audit trail ensures your data has not been tampered or altered.
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Data Retention

Implementing an adequate retention policy is key to ensuring regulatory compliance. Your business may be subject to many regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR. The ability to create sophisticated and granular retention policies with ComplyKey will help your business to achieve regulatory compliance.
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Compliance Management

Evaluate messages in the archive using compliance-focused criteria that you control. Messages that meet these criteria are identified and can then be reviewed by your compliance team. The reviewer can tag messages, add comments, delete or export messages if an outside analysis is required. Plans can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly and can perform message sampling and keyword list evaluation automatically.


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