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For The Education Industry

Waterford Technologies helps bring governance and compliance to your student-faculty data hidden in organizations Email and file databases.
The Challenge

Secure your student data and meet regulations

To protect students and staff, educational institutions must look at how they are managing Email and file data whilst complying with a wide range of regulations and compliance obligations. The pace of regulatory change can be overwhelming for educational institutes, but this can be alleviated by first making your data more visible.


The education industry is highly regulated, complying with industry data protection regulations and avoiding the financial, legal and reputational consequences of non-compliance is vital.

Data Retention

Data retention policies and easy access to important records and data on a moment’s notice as well as reliable eDiscovery access are necessary to maintain business honesty and full compliance. Educational institutions are required to retain student files and grades for 10 and 30 years, respectively.

Secure Archiving

Educational institutes are required to prove to regulatory bodies that data is replicated, stored in a tamper-proof database and accessible over extended periods of time.
The Benefits

Benefit of the Waterford Technologies Management and Compliance Solution

Waterford Technologies solutions address the Email and file challenges of educational institutions by

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Find every single Email in your organization, conduct e-discovery, freedom of information and DSAR’s searches all from an affordable, easy-to-use integrated interface.


Automatically classify regulated data and student information, utilizing real-time message filtering, categorization or labeling, and tagging. Set granular and flexible custom Email and file retention policies.

Audit Trail

Get full visibility on Email and file critical data. Monitor and report on data access, permissions, and sensitive data like student information, credit card data, education records, and regulated data like PII and PHI.

Secure archive

Absolute archive and data retention management for compliance with industry regulations. Capture an absolute copy of all Emails sent and received by your organization.
Case Study

Erie 1 BOCES

Over the last few years, Erie 1 BOCES Western New York Regional Information Center has rolled out MailMeter to around 40 different schools on multiple email platforms. The largest school is over 6,000 mailboxes proving that MailMeter definitely scales to larger installations.

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