Email and File Management and Compliance Solutions
For Government

Waterford Technologies helps public sector, government and federal agencies comply with regulations, meet policy standards and protect citizen data.
The Challenge

Control your critical Email and file data and protect your reputation

Data management and compliance in the government sector is about behaving with integrity and acting in the public interest when it comes to their personal data. Litigation is not a matter of if but when, sooner or later, your organization will be asked to disclose information as part of a compliance request or a legal case.


The large volume and sensitive nature of the data in the public sector domain means that it is high risk in terms of loss, theft or misuse. Government institutions need to ensure full compliance with privacy laws and data regulations.

Data Retention

Data retention policies and easy access to important records and data on a moment’s notice as well as reliable eDiscovery access are necessary to maintain business honesty and full compliance.

Secure Archiving

Government organizations are required to prove to regulatory bodies that data is replicated, stored in a tamper-proof database and reachable over extended periods of time.

Benefits of Waterford Technologies Management and Compliance Solutions

Waterford Technologies solutions address the Email and file challenges of public sector organizations by:

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Ensure proper Email and file data management, reduce the time and cost of responding to DSAR, FOIA and eDiscovery requests, with easy-to-use, fast advanced search, and exporting results to various formats and remove data once it exceeds its time-based need for retention.

Classifying Public Data

Proactive classification to discover, identify, and tag sensitive and critical public data for compliance with regulations such as CCPA, GDPR and other federal, state and government regulations.

Audit Trail

Customize retention schedules and activate legal hold to prevent alteration and deletion of data. Use the audit trail feature to control and oversee all user activities in the archive.
Case Study

Donegal County Council

Donegal County Council Reduces Email Footprint by over 50% and Significantly Reduces the Effort Involved in Managing Data Requests