Healthcare Data Is Dynamic,
Your Insight Shouldn't Be

Healthcare providers are faced with an overwhelming number of regulatory requirements relating to their data compliance requirements. Ensure your organization is meeting these requirements.
The Challenge

Growing volumes of patient data, increased risk

Healthcare providers hold massive amounts of medical and personal information on their Email and file databases, there is a constant need to address all aspects of potential risks to assure high compliance and privacy as well as minimize the risk to their business, reputation, and patient population.


With patient data so plentiful, the threat of malicious activity has never been greater. Neglect to access and provide visibility into this data and you’ll be facing significant financial penalties – and lasting reputation damage.

Data Retention

Organizations must establish appropriate retention and destruction schedules to ensure the availability of timely, relevant data and information for patient care purposes; to meet federal, state, and local legal requirements; and to reduce the risk of legal discovery.

Secure Archiving

Healthcare organizations are required to prove to regulatory bodies that data is replicated, stored in a tamper-proof database and reachable over extended periods of time.
The Benefits

Control your patient data – protect your reputation

Waterford Technologies solutions address the Email and file challenges of healthcare organizations by:

Protecting Healthcare Data

Get full visibility on critical Email and file data and activity. Find every single Email in your organization, conduct eDiscovery, freedom of information and DSAR searches directly from your desktop anywhere.


Automatically classification of patient and employee information and apply legal retention policies for compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, PHI, HITRUST AND PCI DSS.

Audit Trail

Monitor and report on data access, permissions and personal identifiable information.