Compliance Officer

Drive a Culture of Compliance and Performance

Our compliance management system is designed to help compliance officers efficiently manage requests, automate complex processes and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

How request management software helps compliance officers

Request management software is an essential tool for any organization looking to create a culture of compliance Powerful software streamlines the process of managing requests, ensuring that no information is lost, it also creates a centralized system for tracking and monitoring requests. With request management software in place, organizations can:

  • Enforce rules more effectively
  • Set up notifications to ensure key steps are not missed
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Gain detailed insights into their operations
Compliance officer

Ensuring regulatory compliance the easy way

By leveraging the power of request management software, organizations can establish greater compliance with regulations and better performance standards. The ability to receive and respond quickly to requests reduces delays. Achieve cost reductions by removing inefficient processes.

As a compliance officer, having the right records management system in place to reduce email and file compliance violations is essential. We are a leading provider of advanced solutions that can help you reduce penalties and mitigate risk.

Our suite of SaaS products manages email data, archives, and files. The system automates key processes such as policy enforcement and archiving documents into secure repositories. By supplying deeper visibility into complex data patterns. We make it easier for Compliance Officers to ensure compliance with regulations.

Request management software to ensure regulatory compliance

Our software is straightforward with easy-to-navigate dashboards. High-performing interfaces enable a compliance officer to fulfil regulatory requirements, such as EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Basel lll, and other such requirements. From workflow management to eDiscovery we have you covered.

Automate the workflow and archiving processes

Capture every, data request, email, and file. Automated request delegations ensure deadlines are met.  In the case of email archiving and files, the software automatically encrypts, compresses, and indexes all email information before it is archived.

Flexible retention management for email and files

A flexible, powerful option for greater, more straightforward control of retention and destruction of information. Create multiple retention categories and assign departments or specific users to various periods.

Combining all ComplyKey solutions, DiscoveryControl, MailMeter, and SISCIN creates a complete request management system cutting the time it takes to manage, and respond to regulatory requests.

Optimise audit compliance and cut eDiscovery costs

Detailed audit trailing and reporting capability satisfies the rigid requirements imposed by regulatory agencies. Advanced eDiscovery technology with keyword search, word lists, and regular expression capabilities provides the capacity quickly find specified data by your criteria. Reduced time searching saves valuable staff hours searching for files.  Audit logs in the request management system will speed up the audit process.

A records request management system simplifies the compliance officer workflow

Reduce the expenses of hiring external consultants for eDiscovery discovery cases with MailMeter and SISCIN. These platform make sophisticated Boolean searches simple and prevent rising costs associated with outsourcing.

DiscoveryControl records request management software automates data privacy management workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements. An innovative product that streamlines the tedious process of managing, and responding to government and industry compliance regulations. It offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies compliance management by providing automated tracking, notifications, and reporting.

Request management systems speed up data searches

Make searches by time, subject, message content, attachment content as well as conversations between individuals or between groups of people.

Our automated regulatory workflow software reduces stress and simplifies your regulatory compliance operations. It streamlines the process of understanding and responding to new regulations, supplying a comprehensive overview in real time. Advanced analytics identify patterns in your data, allowing for rapid decision-making based on insights gained from the collected information.

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A single solution for your Email and file compliance and management needs

Flexible and Scalable

On-premise and cloud options available.

Compatible with All Major Email Platforms

Exchange, Office 365 and G-Suite

Secure Copy

Data encryption before transfer to archive

Simple Setup and Administration

Get up and running quickly, staying compliant

Reduce Complexity

Simple to use dashboard for all departments

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