Compliance Officers

Drive a Culture of Compliance and Performance

Waterford Technologies enables Compliance Officers and their teams to effectively reduce Email and file compliance violations, penalties, and the risks of reputational damage by improving Email and file visibility

Your Trusted Email and File Management and Compliance Partner

Waterford Technologies compliance platform empowers you to easily reduce Email and file risk, detect and respond in real-time to threats and prove regulatory compliance.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Advanced Interface for compliance officers who need to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, FOI, GLBS, Basel ll, Data Protection Act Requests and more.

Automate the Archiving Process

Capture every Email and file. Encrypts, compresses and indexes all Email information before it is archived.

Flexible Retention Management

A flexible and powerful option for more granular control of retention and destruction of data. Create multiple retention categories and assign departments or specific users to different periods.

Optimise Audits and Cut eDiscovery Cost

Detailed Audit Trailing and Reporting to satisfy and demonstrate strict regulatory standards. Advanced eDiscovery with keyword search, word lists and regular expression capabilities.

Simplify Compliance Workflows

Reduce the cost of hiring external consultants for eDiscovery cases by having a platform that is simple to use even for complex Boolean search.

Speed up Data Search

Searches can be made by time, subject, message content, attachment content as well as conversations between individuals or between groups of people.

A single solution for your Email and file compliance and management needs

Flexible and Scalable

On-premise and cloud options available.

Compatible with All Major Email Platforms

Exchange, Office 365 and G-Suite

Secure Copy

Data encryption before transfer to archive

Simple Setup and Administration

Get up and running quickly, staying compliant

Reduce Complexity

Simple to use dashboard for all departments

World Class Monitoring and Support

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers.