CEOs and C-Suite Executives

Reducing your Company’s Data Compliance Risk as CEO

As CEO, it is your responsibility to handle all the business and financial affairs in the company in whatever capacity you see fit. As you oversee the operations of your company, it is your responsibility as a CEO that you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure data privacy and meet compliance regulations.

Data compliance for CEOs and C-Suite Executives

In September 2020 Gartner predicted that 75% of CEO’s will be personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents by 2024.

Data compliance has become an important factor of every business. Since there is no reliable way to prevent a security incident, C-suite executives have to create a plan of action to defend their company and meet all industry regulations. Preparation will limit expensive legal and financial complications ensuring their positions will last.

A damaged reputation often precedes security breaches. C-Suite executives are always looking for an edge. Staying ahead of compliance management is one way to get it. Our software takes the hassle out of compliance management for CEO s and other top-level executives.

Data compliance for CEO looking for information

Data privacy and data compliance management for CEO’s

Data privacy and compliance are too important to a business’s operation and reputation to be treated as an IT task. Forward-thinking C-Suite executives need to nurture an organizational-wide mindset.

We help C-suite executives, management and CEOs implement best practices. Waterford Technologies has been helping CEOs with their data archiving for over 25 years.

Cost reductions for business

Reduce business costs with built-for-purpose software solutions that manage email, file data, and data privacy. Get the most out of your budget with our software. Our fully managed service ensures that your day-to-day work isn’t impacted by compliance management. Cients make savings in user licences, data storage and workflow management. Our clients find that our compliance management software gives an excellent return on investment.

Automated data management

DiscoveryControl, MailMeter and SISCIN automate data management tasks. Managing mailboxes for ex-employer, redundant, mailboxes,  email retention, data classification, eDiscovery, email storage, eliminating PSTs, and more

Protecting remote data

For staff that work remotely MailMeter and SISCIN protect remote data and ensure compliance In the cloud, your data is vulnerable to multiple threats including hackers, ransomware attacks and even user error. We protect against all of those.

Data searches made easy

Even experienced professionals find data searches a pain, they are very time-consuming for busy DPOs and HR professionals. Need information quickly? Relax, our software finds what you need, when you need it.

Compliance for CEO’s providing insights on exposure to email and file risks and request management.

In-depth reporting and audit trail functionality. Visibility into your data to uncover what is happening within your business.

Delegate compliance responsibility to other departments

Intelligent email archiving, message tagging, annotations, and export to multiple formats all via a consistent intuitive interface

Extensive reporting and analysis on records requests, cases, and data breach management.


Reducing your company’s data compliance risk as CEO

Our archiving solutions help CEOs adhere to strict standards of data management and control, given the highly personal nature of much of the information they manage.

Data Visibility

At Waterford Technologies, we help our customers to proactively manage their Email & File data to deliver cost savings & compliance to GDPR & other regulations. We do this by providing our customers with visibility of their data, as many organisations do not have this insight, therefore they cannot measure the opportunity for cost savings, so data continues to grow and the potential liability or risk within that data increases. 

Data Protection

The importance of data protection is at an all-time high, with constantly evolving cyber threats on the increase, and data breaches becoming commonplace across all sectors. Higher standards of data management are now being demanded from Insurers when dealing with their cyber insurance and from customers & consumers. Your data processing activities and your ability to enforce your Privacy / Data Protection Policy plays a key role in providing transparency in how you operate and your ability to foster trust with your stakeholders.

Compliance Management

Evaluate messages in the archive using compliance-focused criteria that you control. Messages that meet these criteria are identified and can then be reviewed by your compliance team. The reviewer can tag messages, add comments, delete, or export messages if an outside analysis is required. Plans can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly and can perform message sampling and keyword list evaluation automatically.

Customisable Data Retention

Implementing an adequate retention policy is key to ensuring regulatory compliance. Your business may be subject to many regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR. The ability to create sophisticated and granular retention policies with our solutions will help your business to achieve regulatory compliance.

Fully Managed Service

When it comes to accelerating cloud initiatives, what is keeping CEOs up at night the most is a lack of skills in the organisation. At Waterford Technologies We provide the toolset to completely manage email and file data with the support of our team of data management experts. The costs involved in hiring external consultants or hiring internally in the event of an e-Discovery case can be significant. Our solution also includes access to our expert eDiscovery consultants for assistance with complex searches and providing best practice when you really need it.

Email Archiving: A Buyers Checklist

This checklist will help you make the best choice for your needs by asking important questions during your search.

Data Archiving for CEO’s is essential for your organisation. There are many reasons your company or governmental agency may need an email archiving solution—including storage capacity issues on email servers, imminent or future threats of litigation, eDiscovery requests, or employee investigations. But how do you choose the right email archiving solution for your organization? This checklist will help you make the best choice for your needs by asking important questions during your search, such as:

– Is the solution scalable?
– Where will the data be stored?
– Is the solution compatible with your email client?
– And much more