Governance & Risk

Identify, Measure and Help
Mitigate Email and File Risk

Chief Risk Officers are expected to provide timely visibility into emerging and evolving risks and protect the long term strategic value of the business (its reputation and integrity)
The Challenge

Agile Email and File Risk Management and Mitigation

Waterford Technologies helps Risk and Governance Officers identify, measure, mitigate, and report on potential data risks in their Email and file data.

Safeguard your Brand, Reputation, and Assets

Avoid data regulation penalties and reputation damage by understanding what data you own- and where your company’s personal data resides.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Granular control of your Email and file data for retention and destruction management

Authorised Access

Scoped searching- Enable authorized users to set up restricted access for eDiscovery or compliance searching

Detailed Audit Trailing and Reporting

Satisfy and demonstrate strict regulatory standards. Advanced eDiscovery with keyword search, word lists and regular expression capabilities.

Provide insight on exposure to Email and file risks.

In-depth reporting and audit trail. Visibility into your data to uncover what is happening within your business.

Instant access to Archived Data

All the benefits of data archiving accessible anywhere at anytime. Find and remove a customer’s personal data when required.

A single solution for your Email and file compliance and management needs:

Flexible and Scalable

On-premise and cloud options available

Compatible with All Major Email Platforms

Exchange, Office 365 and G-Suite

Secure Copy

Data encryption before transfer to the archive

Simple Setup and Administration

Get up and running quickly, staying compliant

Reduce Complexity

Simple to use dashboard for all departments

World Class Monitoring and Support

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers