Head of IT & Security Officers

Heads of ICT and Security Officers

Clean data, improve file visibility, reduce file storage cost and achieve compliance readiness. For data compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX and other government, federal, states and industry laws.

Clean data, improve file visibility, and reduce storage costs. Maintain compliance and future-proof compliance with government regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, and other laws and regulations.

The fastest, simplest way to GDPR data compliance.

Enabling compliance with IT doesn’t have to be a headache. Our fully managed service ensures that our solutions are tailored to your organizational needs.  Cybersecurity risks and the speed of technological change demand a comprehensive security and compliance management program for email and file data. This effective, ready, and scalable platform is essential for not just company success but company continuity. 

How our privacy and data compliance software helps

Organizations face challenges when it comes to finding data quickly and efficiently. Hours can be wasted searching for the right information, and there’s often no guarantee that you’ll even find what you need, let alone in a timely manner.

Reduce the cost of and disruption to IT resources

With lightning-fast email and data search and retrieval, your organization can work smarter, faster, and more effectively. Our data privacy software tools are incredibly simple to use.

Savings on email and file storage costs

In an increasingly digitized world, email is the ultimate source of communication and collaboration.Data’s constant growth can become overwhelming to manage, resulting in high costs and poor performance. If you’re finding yourself struggling with spiralling cost and time associated with managing excessive email use, we can help by reducing the size of your email and data storage.

Savings on time and employee resources spent on data compliance

DiscoveryControl records request management software maximizes data compliance by monitoring multiple regulations simultaneously and increasing overall efficiency. Automating the workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements is a great tech solution for businesses that want to save time and money and remain compliant.

MailMeter & SISCIN provide lightning-fast email and data search and retrieval. 

Data privacy software strengthens your IT risk stance

Capture, encrypt, compress, and index your email & file data. Protect individual messages from deletion and instead of a hold on a user, you can hold specific messages

Dramatically reduce the resources involved in managing data requests

DiscoveryControl automates data privacy management workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements. An innovative product that streamlines the tedious process of managing, and responding to government and industry compliance regulations. It offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies compliance management by providing automated tracking, notifications, and reporting

ComlyKEY advanced investigative interface is made specifically for organizations that need to perform frequent in-depth searching and analysis for evidentiary discovery. Combined, our MailMeter and SISCIN products will solve your email and file data management and compliance challenges.

Provide insight on exposure to email and file risks

In-depth reporting and audit trail. Visibility into your data to uncover what is happening within your business.  Fully GRPR compliant.

Share compliance responsibility with other departments

Access is granted an a per-user basis.  Intelligent email archiving, message tagging, annotations, and export to multiple formats all via a consistent intuitive interface.

The workflow for responding to regulatory requests such as DSAR, FOI, FOIA, EIR, AIE, HIPPA, etc. is automated to ensure deadlines are not missed.


A single solution for your Email and file compliance and management needs

Flexible and Scalable

On-premise and cloud options available.

Compatible with All Major Email Platforms

Exchange, Office 365 and G-Suite

Secure Copy

Data encryption before transfer to the archive

Simple Setup and Administration

Get up and running quickly, staying compliant

Reduce Complexity

Simple to use dashboard for all departments

World Class Monitoring and Support

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers.