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Waterford Technologies Wins Expert Insights Spring 2022 Best-Of Email Archiving Award Again.

Expert Insights have selected Waterford Technologies as an award winner in their Buyers’ Guides this spring for Best Of Email Archiving.

Waterford Technologies Is Yet Again Named “Best-Of” Award Winner For Email Archiving.

Best of Email Archiving

Expert Insights’ Best-Of awards recognize innovative IT solutions that provide powerful protection for their customers. Awards are chosen by Expert Insights’ independent technical expert and editorial content team. Awards are based on product features, ease of use and market presence.

“Expert Insights have chosen Waterford Technologies as an award winner in our Best-Of Email Archiving category for the sophisticated technology behind MailMeter. Particularly in its searching and indexing functionality. The MailMeter engine parses archived emails very efficiently. Users can save queries to speed up future searches. On top of this, MailMeter’s advanced web interface for compliance review makes it a strong solution for organizations wanting to keep on top of their email archiving for legal reasons. Finally, MailMeter consistently receives glowing customer reviews from both admins and end-users for its ease-of-use, and for Waterford’s excellent customer support offerings” – Mitchell Gatting, Technical Engineer, Expert Insights.

Best of Email Archiving Award

Best of Email Archiving Award

Waterford Technologies wins best of email archiving award

What is the Best of Email Archiving Award?

The Best-Of Email Archiving category includes the top vendors that offer organizations a secure way of storing their emails in a secure environment that they can easily search and audit. Email archiving is essential not only for compliance but also to help ensure business continuity should the email client fail, by ensuring that employees can still view and search their email records.

About Waterford Technologies

Waterford Technologies is a global award-winning email and file archiving and compliance business. We have over 20 years of offering our loyal clients a managed service in email and file data management.

We have a tradition of excellence and a dedication to continuous innovation across our products while remaining very competitive within our pricing structure. Our customers agree and our annual renewal rate is a remarkable 98%. Clients use Waterford Technologies as an integral part of their compliance, security and data management strategy.

Our team consists of expert consultants in Data Protection legislation, Compliance Technology and Data eDiscovery, Analysis and Investigations. We enable organisations to achieve a clear overview of their data, enabling informed business decisions to prepare for legislation such as GDPR, ePrivacy, FOIA, CCPA and MiFID II.

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