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Need to streamline your case management workflow?

DiscoveryControl streamlines case management workflow We created DiscoveryControl to respond to the demand from clients who have seen a big increase in

DiscoveryControl streamlines case management workflow

We created DiscoveryControl to respond to the demand from clients who have seen a big increase in the need for them to streamline their Freedom of Information (FOI), AIE, and DSAR requests. Office of the Information Commissioner (Ireland), advised there were 35,673 FOI requests in 2021, a 13% increase from 2020.

In today’s business climate, it has become increasingly common to receive requests that are unscheduled and complex. This presents a unique challenge. It requires organizations to allocate resources quickly in order to respond before deadlines. These requests require swift response times, and may involve multiple departments or stakeholders making them harder to manage.

The successful completion of these requests is critical. Quite often demands on planning and scheduling makes it hard for organizations to be adequately prepared.

Until now, case management requests have been manually intensive and prone to human error and delays. This can be a major obstacle for organizations attempting to maintain effective, efficient processes. New technology solutions are enabling businesses to solve these issues and improve the overall workflow.

Case management solutions are designed to streamline the process of managing cases from initial intake through resolution. They provide greater access control and visibility into ongoing tasks. These systems provide an automated way for users to manage data, collaborate with staff members on various projects. Assign tasks or cases accordingly. Ensures compliance with regulations. Additionally, they often come equipped with features which allow users to gain insight into their operational efficiency and identify areas where improvements can be made including:

  • visibility on the status of all requests received.
  • how many are in progress
  • which are stalled and why
  • which have missed deadlines
  • and when they are likely to complete

8 Ways it will help streamline your workflow

DiscoveryControl streamlines Freedom of Information, Data Subject Access Requests, and more to reduce the manual workload, eliminate errors, and provide visibility;

  • Minimizes the costs and time spent on FOI, DSAR, case management and similar requests.
  • Ensures the right people have the right information at the right time.
  • Tracks the current state of all outstanding cases, so you can see case progress, the average time to completion, and the average cost per request.
  • When a request is stalled, the service detects the reason for the stall and suggests ways to address the issue.
  • Helps you assess, monitor, and record data breaches.
  • Helps you maintain your organization’s Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)
  • Reduces the risk of manual error.

Contact our consultants to discuss how DiscoveryControl can help improve the process you currently use to manage information requests.

DiscoveryControl – making the case for compliance

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