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Study on Information Archiving Market, 2013-2017

The Radicati Group have prepared the study to provides an analysis of the information archiving market in 2013 and its potential growth

The Radicati Group have prepared the study to provides an analysis of the information archiving market in 2013 and its potential growth over the next four years.

Brian Murphy- Waterford Technologies

Information Archiving Solutions are products and services that provide interactive, long-term storage of user data, such as email, instant messages, social media, files, Microsoft SharePoint content and other structured and unstructured information. These solutions provide information indexing for easy search and retrieval, retention management, and basic tools for e-Discovery and legal hold. Authorized users and compliance officers are able to access and work with archived information in its original form at any time.

This study looks at two segments of the market:

  • On-premises Information Archiving Solutions – include information archiving solutions offered as on-premises products for enterprise deployment.
  • Cloud-based Information Archiving Services –include cloud-based information archiving solutions delivered as services.

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  • Information archiving solutions provide interactive, secure long-term storage of electronic business content, including: email, instant messages, social media, file systems, Microsoft SharePoint content and other structured and unstructured information. In addition to providing information archiving, these solutions provide fast, easy search and retrieval of information, allow organizations to set granular retention policies and provide the foundation for e-Discovery, legal hold, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  • Information archiving vendors offer the following deployment options for their archiving solutions:
  • On-premises Solution – a common deployment option for businesses that need to handle corporate data internally and have the resources to manage an archiving solution on-premise.
  • Cloud (i.e. Hosted) Service – small and medium sized businesses often choose a cloud archiving service because of the reduced administrative requirements, more predictive costs, and low up-front initial investment.
  • Hybrid – combines a cloud service and on-premises solution. This deployment strategy is primarily used by very large businesses, which may have different requirements for different departments and/or workgroups. Typically these businesses also need to stagger their data storage to comply with diverse policies. Some businesses will utilize a hybrid deployment model during their transition from on-premises to a cloud-based service.
  • One of the primary catalysts driving the rapid adoption of archiving solutions has been the dramatic rise in enterprise content being generated in recent years. Businesses have been forced to re-evaluate their corporate storage policies due to the growing number of enterprise content sources that continue to be deployed today. Email has remained the most popular form of content that businesses are most concerned about archiving.
  • Large sized businesses continue to make up the majority of information archiving customers. The financial services industry has remained the most dominant vertical market deploying archiving solutions in accordance with strict regulatory requirements and compliance procedures. Growth in the government, education, and healthcare sectors, however, is also strong.
  • A growing number of businesses in less heavily regulated industries are beginning to deploy information archiving solutions for several different reasons. While not required by law to store and preserve electronic content, many businesses find great value in information archiving solutions that can improve storage management, provide support during litigation, and facilitate better backup and restore capabilities.
  • The worldwide information archiving market, including both on-premises and cloud (i.e. hosted) solutions, is expected to be over $3.6 billion in revenues by year-end 2013, and will grow to $8 billion in 2017.

 Read the full study here.

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