Email Security

What you Need to know to Manage Email in the Workplace

 A Recent Survey revealed 70% of employees would open and 42% would circulate emails containing offensive content. Is your Organisation part of this statistic, or would you even know?



email security

  • Personal Data is now protected in most countries, breaches of personal data can incur liabilities for employers, often at considerable expense both financial and reputational.
  • There are many documented cases of breaches of personal data regulations. These are well documented and often involve email.
  • In October 2014 there is an ongoing investigation in Pennsylvania where hundreds of racy emails were exchanged between dozens of state government employees and officials. The Majority of emails were sent or read on state email accounts. The investigation is ongoing.
  • Find out if you are following the correct protocols for managing your email.
  • After all 60% of  business critical information is not stored, sometimes exclusively in email. Make sure you are on top of email security.

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