TCO or Total Cost of Ownership What is it really?

Wikipedia defines TCO as follows

In order to effectively cost Total Cost of Ownership in relation to storage and archiving you need to be specific about what parameters you use when you do our analysis;

Below are some examples that I would suggest you can use in order to help you understand the benefits of reducing your TCO by using the Waterford Technologies suite of products

  • What time period will you use
  • Current storage
  • Annual growth requirements
  • Base hardware and software costs
  • % utilised of storage media
  • Annual predicted % change in cost of media
  • Replication cost
  • Employees Costs ( numbers and change in salaries )
  • Energy Costs
  • Servicing costs / employee training
  • DR/Back Up costs


What really makes a difference however are the intangible costs that occur during an event i.e.

  1. Cost of retrieval
  2. Cost of recovery
  3. Cost of non-disclosure
  4. Integrity proof


All these factors need to be added to the “quantifiable TCO” in order to get a true reflection of TCO of Data. This is the area where we excel.