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Why you still need a third party Email Archiving Solution

We talk to many people who tell us they are going to migrate their email system to either MS Exchange 2010 or

We talk to many people who tell us they are going to migrate their email system to either MS Exchange 2010 or 2013 & they are going to use the archiving features within these platforms. However after a number of months these people come back and talk to us again as the archiving features within these email platforms are insufficient in meeting their archiving requirements.

So the bottom line is significant gaps still exist in these email systems.  Below is a snapshot of the experiences people share with us;

  1. “We can’t manage the ever increasing size of our email system, as single instance storage feature is not included in Ex. 2010 or 2013”. What does this mean? This means all data stored in the exchange server is stored multiple times which significantly increases the size of your server.  We had one customer who’s data increased four fold over a six month period.  Archiving within EX. 2010 the archive needs to be local to exchange, Users need Office 2010, and the cost of maintaining data is the same ( just moving it ).
  2. “The compliance & reporting tools are not comprehensive, they don’t help us meet our regulatory requirements.  We have to be able to demonstrate email authenticity and to perform in-depth email search and retrieval for investigation and eDiscovery purposes”.

Waterford Technologies MailMeter Email Archiving Solution solves the above two issues;

MailMeter will dramatically reduce mailbox sizes (70-80% savings is not uncommon), reduce overall storage space, reduce back up times, and eliminate the need for users to create PSTs, while improving the reliability and performance of your Exchange server.  MailMeter offers flexibility and ease of control over your email storage. You configure MailMeter to “stub” any attachment — replacing it with an HTML link (the average space savings is over 90% per message).

The user simply clicks on the link to open and view the attachment retrieved dynamically from the archive.  “Stubbing” can be adjusted by: age of message, specific folders, attachment types, or attachment size. For example, you could set the stubbing rule at 180 days for all folders, 5 days for Deleted items, 5 days for Sent Items, 10 years for specific folders, 14 days for ZIP files, and 1 day for attachments over 2MB in size.

MailMeter compresses, encrypts, and single-instance stores the captured attachments in a secured archive. It stubs only the attachments, not the email messages, allowing you to save valuable network traffic while not disrupting the users’ experience.

MailMeter Archive captures every email, internal and external, indexes the body text and attachments to its Archive database, and stores compressed and encrypted copies of the rich text and attachments in separate Archive Volumes. It can also capture email from your existing email system and any external PST or NSF files. Its intelligent indexing offers a fast search capability to find any information you need. You can authorize a manager to search specific departments.

MailMeter Archive is an advanced solution that captures incoming, outgoing and internal company emails and stores them in a separate location from your email server for whatever time period is desired. To be in compliance with the majority of regulations, this is the most important criteria. Additionally, you should be able to search and retrieve email records quickly and easily for internal or regulatory audits. MailMeter Archive can help your company meet regulatory requirements by providing a visible control system, process and audit trials to manage patient, financial or other records.  As part of its data capture process, MailMeter Archive assigns each component of each message a content based digital signature or fingerprint. This provides you with the knowledge and assurance that any searches retrievals that you carry out on the MailMeter Archives in the future will provide you with the original unaltered content of the initial email transaction.

There is no doubt archiving features have improved in these email platforms however our experience from the market is third party Archiving Solutions are a must have to meet your more complex archiving requirements,  to an extent that many of our customers who use these email platforms also use our MailMeter Email Archiving Solution.

If you want to find out more about how Waterford Technologies MailMeter Email & File Archiving Solutions fill these gaps please contact us today.