The Top 10 Trends in Managing Email & File Data, a Look Back at 2014

I thought it might be interesting to summarise the top 10 trends in managing data, both Email and File based our observations from the market and based on our actual work & interaction with our customers in 2014.

Fiona Mulvaney- Waterford Technologies

Our customers are spread across all verticals & sectors and geographies from a legal firm in Cork to a leading global provider of elevators, escalators and related services based in India.

While some challenges and issues remain the same, it’s interesting to note new areas are emerging all the time.

  1. Data growth continues to explode year on year “Big Data” however it’s not just managing the volume of data it’s also about managing understanding your data.
  2. The amount of business–critical information stored in email is growing (IDC estimates that as much as 60% is stored in email & other Managing Dataelectronic tools)
  3. Managing data challenges with IT departments with less budget and less resources remains a challenge
  4. The need to retain data for governance needs is increasing, and the tools to search & retrieve this information are crucial
  5. Organisational structures continue to evolve so mergers & acquisitions place more demands on IT on how to manage their data
  6. On Premise V Cloud.. the debate continues.  While indications are there is an appetite to move storage to the cloud there are also concerns, such as cost, security, lack of knowledge & skills and data sovereignty.
  7. Managing Aging Data as per Gartner Survey found that 50% of Organizations reported that understanding data is and what should be discarded was the most pressing issue
  8. If Organisations are not happy with their existing email or file archiving solution they are swopping out.  Archiving solutions needs to be flexible to exit from and also to be able to cater for changing strategies i.e. moving to the cloud.
  9. Infrastructure costs in running your email & file data environments will continue to escalate if you don’t become proactive in the management of your data.
  10. Upgrading email systems as some big models are close to end of life are being added to IT to do lists for 2015

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