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Top 5 Reasons to Archive

Why you should install an archiving solution right now  Aoife Tóibín – Waterford Technologies Your server storage usage is constantly on the increase

Why you should install an archiving solution right now

 Aoife Tóibín – Waterford Technologies

Your server storage usage is constantly on the increase and it’s easy to overlook the fact that your server only has a finite amount of space. Eventually you are going to run into problems. Either the backups won’t run or don’t finish in time or you just run out of storage space completely.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. If you don’t have an easy way to get reports on server usage, it will result in an uninformed reaction when you try to find free space as your hardware fills up. What can you delete? Without reporting software, it’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the space.

If you were using a file archiving solution however, you would not have these problems. If you need help justifying budget spend on an archiving solution, the top reasons to archive outlined below should be useful.

  1. Electronic Discovery

Preparing to go to court, responding to opposing counsel discovery requests and researching to avoid a lawsuit or dismiss an action. If a manager requests to see email from one or more employees due to suspicions of misbehavior or improper activity, HR can get the evidence needed for employee discipline and dismissals, and they can get to the truth of claims of harassment and discrimination (and just as easily defend against false email claims).

Mailbox Analyzer Lite

  1. Compliance

All companies need to abide by government regulations such as FOI, GLBA, Data Protection Act and Basel II. These regulations usually require email to be stored in a tamper-proof system and in an easily accessible location. With a decent archiving solution, reports can be delivered within 24 hours.

  1. Reducing Storage

As data grows exponentially, the cost of managing it is also growing at an alarming rate. An archiving system can compress, deduplicate and move data to drastically reduce overall email storage in your organization. Archiving can improve server reliability and performance, reducing back up costs and times, and give your users access to any email they ever sent or received.

  1. Increasing Productivity

Productivity will increase as non-profitable time wasted on finding and managing emails will reduce significantly. IT resources will no longer be tied up spending valuable time fulfilling search and retrieval requests from employees or recovering accidentally deleted files.FileAnalyzer Lite

  1. Disaster Recovery

It is best practice is to archive all important data for fast and easy recovery from low cost disk storage. If you are archiving and a user deletes a file or folder and needs it back, the archive copy can be recovered with just a click. If hardware fails, files and folders can be restored to a new location.

In a today’s economy, you have daily pressure to reduce costs and deliver more value. Implementing an archiving solution is one of the easiest and most affordable way to to free up storage space, reduce backup times and improve your enterprise document management processes.

For more information on how archiving can help your business, check out our email archiving solution MailMeter or file archiving solution FileArchiver or get in touch with the team at Waterford Technologies by clicking here.

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