Top 7 Data Challenges for 2017

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2017 – Preparing for Massive Change

As 2017 kicks off, we look at the anticipated Top 7 Data Challenges companies will face this year.

Data now concerns not only the IT decision makers but is the lifeblood of 21st century business, having ramifications for the C Suite, Compliance, Finance, HR and Legal decision makers. How data is processed and handled, how much of it exists, what type of data (and where it resides) and what sort of storage and bandwidth it consumes now has business-wide importance.

The Challenges

  • GDPR – the harmonisation of legislation on EU data protection becomes law in May 2018 – has your organisation started to plan for this? Massive fines of up to €20 million will provide plenty of incentive.
  • Cloud Migration has become almost ubiquitous – do you get the insight to know what data should move?
  • Moving to Office 365 The most popular app in the business world has potentially expensive holes….are you aware of the compliance gaps for the basic Plan levels?
  • Holistic views of your email and file data – how well do you know your current data estate? What you don’t know certainly can hurt you!
  • Increased Compliance and Retention Requirements – aside from GDPR, there is a changing landscape in terms of Data residency and retention. Does your business know where your data resides and how secure it is?
  • Storage Growth – do you have a strategy to deal with data sprawl?  With MIFID 2 coming in Jan 18 – exponential data growth is coming as companies save the required media and files to remain compliant.
  • Security and Privacy – this year will see more challenges as hacker threats multiply – no longer the preserve of IT departments, breaches are front page news stories now and the loss of reputation can be at least as damaging as the potential fines levied. Can you afford to take a chance with data security?

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