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Top Reasons for Email Archiving

Although the thought of email archiving might seem like a big task, there are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to archive your emails. Read on to find out more.

Email archiving enables you to have a record of everything you have sent or received whenever you may need it. In the age where sending emails is a daily occurrence, it is vital to keep track of what is going on within your workspace. Although the thought of email archiving might seem like a big task, there are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to archive your emails.

Here are our top reasons for email archiving.

1. Compliance with statutory regulations
Every sector has its own set of compliance standards and regulations when it comes to data security and retention and email archiving can assist with making sure standards are met and maintained. In the case of GDPR requests, you can easily export a PDF report simply and efficiently. The ability to review and analyse data with email archiving means you can select only the important information you need to retain. You never know when you might face a legal claim or audit so it is wise to have that information readily available at your fingertips.

2. Peace of mind that your emails are safe
Email archiving services such as MailMeter, guarantee you peace of mind that your vital communications are in a safe place and are easily accessible. Being in control of who can access and search certain data means that you will be reassured that your information is protected. Email archiving enables you to retain information for a number of years and you can choose your time scale. Also when your emails are automatically archived, all emails with MailMeter are single-instance, digitally stamped and encrypted so you can prove the email has not been edited or changed.

3. Saves you money and time
Benefit from huge costs and time savings with email archiving software. Any urgent data requests that are requested from your company can be accessed within a matter of minutes with a simple keyword search, allowing you to focus on other tasks. MailMeter can help to automate tasks for dealing with leavers/redundant mailboxes, retention policies, managing email storage growth and managing file storage. Third-party services can also reduce your Office 365 costs in the long run as there is no need for upgrades like with O365 plans or additional advanced compliance and give you the reassurance that you’re not mis-licensing. You can work out for yourself how much you would save with our Office 365 savings/ TCO calculator

4. Is Office 365 enough?
Although in busy working environments it may seem like using Office 365 and having your email and archiving merged, is effective enough, why is risk putting all your data in one place? Having a third-party solution can help with vendor lock-in, especially for storing all your email data within Microsoft. Office 365 can also be more complex and expensive than third party solutions with different licenses and software needing adding on, as well as not having the security that IT departments need for sensitive information. Unlike email archiving, Office 365 can lead to data loss with shared mailboxes with storage limits with no retention, discovery, compliance, accountability or legal hold capabilities.

5. Data Minimisation
Finally, another top reason for email archiving is data minimisation. With requests such as GDPR, unmanaged and unstructured data can create time-consuming challenges. Email archiving is very simple to navigate and with features such as tagging and module reviews, it means that your data is easily organised and ready for you to export quickly.
We regularly review our information and erase or anonymise personal data when we no longer need it to meet robust privacy policies and you won’t need to worry about email and file storage growth or redundant mailboxes. Email archiving is easy to understand, reliable and scalable to fit your company’s needs. With less data to maintain the less risk, you have to data breaches.

Trusted by many brands across multiple industries, our MailMeter solution works seamlessly with Office 365 and Exchange and can improve your organisation, spending costs and reduce the risk of being unable to respond smoothly to data requests with email archiving.

We hope you found our top reasons for email archiving helpful. Our Waterford Technologies team is ready to talk to you one on one to suggest archival best practices, to help you manage email storage and discovery better, learn how to make sure of all the archived business email for business intelligence and stay ready for regulation compliance.