Online, On-Demand and In-House

You’ve made an investment in our technology and we want you to get the most out of it.

Training to suit your needs

Waterford Technologies offers a wide range of knowledge development and product specific education to maximise your investment in MailMeter, SISCIN and ComplyKey. Build-to-suit and live on-line sessions are run to your schedule, on a combination of product exploration through group discussion and guided hands-on participation. The benefits we see to this approach, are high levels of knowledge retention and user confidence in applying the software to their work.

We offer a range of options: online live product training tailored to your organisation’s needs, or on demand targeted videos covering specific topics. (In house and in person is not currently an option, but we will bring those sessions back when safe to do so.)

Online Training – Live

From September we will run periodic sessions on particular topics or software functionality. The schedule is updated frequently.

Coming up:

Minimizing the Pain and Costs of eDiscovery

Whether for DSAR or FOIA requests, or legal discovery requirements: it can be time-consuming and often costly to pull together the required information promptly. This course will guide you through the process of using SISCIN and MailMeter to rapidly retrieve the data needed, using our Complex Search functionality.

On-demand Training

On demand sessions can be short, targeted recorded videos on a particular product aspect or feature. Or we provide content that covers a general topic on data management, compliance and governance. These can be accessed at your convenience, 24/7.

In-House Training

Suspended during pandemic restrictions
We hope to implement be able to resume inhouse training session soon.

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