The True Cost of Cloud Data Analysis

The Cost of Analysing Data

We quite often have queries come through to us in Waterford Technologies, looking for point to point comparison on cost versus “freemium” offerings – why charge a price at all when there are “free” or cheap alternatives on the Market?

Well first things first – There are no offerings that are 100% free.

SISCIN has never been offered for free, despite being in a highly competitive market – many of the competitor products being offered under the “freemium” banner.

Waterford Technologies not only manage to survive in business, but are one of the market leaders with over 15,000 companies using our products.

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How can we possibly achieve this?

There are several reasons:

  • SISCIN solves an actual problem for the customer – whenever SISCIN is deployed, customers see immediate benefits and cost savings, allowing actual Data Driven Decisions to be made to guide the business effectively.

    Save 70% on Local Storage Costs
  • Free / bargain solutions are missing some or all of these advantages:
    • Access to knowledge, expertise, hands on support,
    • “Follow The Sun” model support and customer service
    • Guidance on Data strategy and the in-depth analysis to drive business decisions
    • Encrypted security options in the product – ensure your data security and resiliency
    • Scalability options – SISCIN is built for massive scale
    • The ability to take action on the data identified as suitable for archiving – “Move” and “Manage” data
    • Regular and dependable updates

If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit from a premium Cloud solution get in touch with the team at Waterford Technologies to see how we can help.

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