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The TRUTH about Email Archiving

Gary White- Waterford Technologies Choosing the right email archiving solution, for your organisation. You know you should, you know you need one

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

Choosing the right email archiving solution, for your organisation.

You know you should, you know you need one and you only need the time to choose the right solution. You complete a search and like everything in today’s on-line market place you get inundated with options and solutions, all offering to be the greatest, quickest, cheapest, most expensive………. So how do you choose? Do you select the biggest name? Do you select the most expensive (hey, it’s got to be good)? Do you go to an online forum and ask your peers, which only results in even more confusion and options.

What to do??????

Here is the basic truth email archiving solution providers aren’t going to tell you….. Most solutions now are almost identical!!! There I said it, breaking news, tell the worlds media, this could be the biggest news since the moon landings.In reality there isn’t a email archivinglot to separate the bigger players in the market place anymore. Now I am not talking about non-intelligent email archiving solutions that will just take a problem and dump it somewhere else (hey that’s what PST’s were for).

I’m talking about an intelligent system that identifies the issue, protects your organisation and offer business intelligence back to not only the IT department but also to the organisation as a whole.

These types of systems are invaluable to any and all organisations and yes I stand by what I said above, the truth is there’s not a hell of a lot in the difference anymore. So the question you are asking yourself now is, how does this help me? Simple, just think of this as any other critical purchase you might make for your organisation or for yourself personally.

  • Price comparison (most expensive certainly isn’t the best here)
  • History, who do they deal with, what do their clients say?
  • How can they address MY issues?
  • Can they SAVE me time, money and hassle?
  • When I need help who can I talk too?

The list could go on and on and on, but look you are all professionals, you know the issues you want to resolve, you know the time constraints you have in your day, you know your issues, you know the upcoming issues, you know the time and cost savings. Let’s be honest you probably suggested getting an email archiving solution in the first place, so that you could address these problems and so you could go back to the other thousand and one items on your to do list for today.

So where’s the help? Here’s the one question you need to ask yourself. WHAT happens when something goes wrong? No matter what a solution provider tells you, something will go wrong or you will need help with an issue and you will need it right now!! So my advice is simple, take all the features into account, address all your concerns but just think of the purchasing process. How easy was it to get a quote, a demo, a trial, the information you needed when you needed AND just remember this, this is when they are chasing YOU, what will it be like when you need them ?

  • Will you have a central contact point?email archiving
  • Will you call a call centre?
  • Will you have to call a third party reseller call centre?
  • Will you have to wait for the third party to pass it on to the provider?
  • Will you speak to someone who speaks your language?
  • Will you speak to someone that knows you, your company and your environment?


  • Will you be able to speak to someone higher up, when you really need an answer?
  • Will get someone who just reads answers from their problem sheet?
  • Will you get a solution provider that is flexible to your timeframes?
  • Will you get the answers and support you can trust?


That’s it!!!!! That’s the big secret, you will have an issue, you will have a problem, you will have an eDiscovery, FOI, legal, HR, Exchange, PST issue and you will need support (hey that’s what you pay for after all) and when that time comes, do you know you can pick up the phone or send an email and know it will be resolved and taken care of without you needing to worry?? Or are you one in a thousand calls today for one of the thousand products the company offers?

Are you a CLIENT or a NUMBER?


If you would like to find out about our email archiving solution please talk to us today.