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New Year, New You…

It is the first week of January and naturally we are being bombarded across all media with offers of health and fitness products and services to repair any festive damage. A huge amount of advertisements, peer pressure and reality TV shows will focus minds on meeting the challenge of getting fit for the year ahead.

Unstructured Data Challenge

Unstructured Data Challenge

Just like people, organisations can get bloated over time and a surplus of Data can clog the virtual arteries of business value. It is bad enough when the Data is Structured (in a database or CRM system) and therefore easily found but this can become a chronic problem when it involves the largely unseen Unstructured Data (email and file) that is generated on a constant basis in the normal course of doing daily business. Normally this is a challenge in itself but this year, we have the GDPR coming into force at the end of May.

Waterford Technologies have set up the #UnstructuredDataChallenge to proactively get your Unstructured Data “fit” for purpose in May and beyond and to use the GDPR deadline to positive ends.

Unstructured Data Challenge

How it Works

Each day we will post a question on Twitter and Facebook around Unstructured Data which you should be asking in your GDPR project team. We will later be following up with a round up of these questions on LinkedIn and our blog where you can guage your progress in terms of reaching compliance. This ensures you do not miss anything when faced with your GDPR Unstructured Data challenge.

Question Example

Just like the human body, achieving the goal of a challenge does not (or should not) mean that the exercise stops, so we aim to get your Unstructured Data properly monitored and managed with proactive policies that ensure its best performance – forever.