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From Unstructured Data to Unlimited Opportunity

Hidden Opportunity There is a perception that Unstructured Data is a problem – a huge mass of email and file Data unexamined

Hidden Opportunity

There is a perception that Unstructured Data is a problem – a huge mass of email and file Data unexamined in a repository, growing daily as a result of doing business online. The truth is that it can be a significant concern for Data Managers if they cannot see where it resides, what comprises it and how to make a plan to manage it. But what about the untapped opportunity in this Unstructured Data set? Imagine if it could be analysed, managed and monetised – how would it transform your business?

Money from Data

GDPR – Data Opportunity Knocks

As the deadline to GDPR looms closer, Data projects are starting to get into the granular level – looking at what particular Data sets are in scope for the regulation and getting the right people, processes and technology in place to manage them. With this exercise comes a rare opportunity to draw a line in the sand and take stock of what is in the Data silos and make a plan to maximise the value of it for the business.

Proper Data analysis will bring all your Data assets to light and with the right team in place – one focussed not only on risk mitigation and compliance but also deriving the commercial value of these assets, a chance to utilise a properly consented and clean database is there for the taking. Getting Data Managers and analytics stakeholders involved in the project as well as the right DPO or external consultants will release the business potential in hitherto dark assets.

Creating and leveraging a forward-thinking team will bring rewards in the future and the GDPR project is a perfect opportunity to get the right balance in a project team to mandate the compliance and also exploit the commercial aspects of the project. Don’t miss out on a chance to get these stakeholders talking and reap the rewards from the activity.

Data and analytics leaders should increase awareness of how better business outcomes can arise from changing how their organization handles personal data” says Lydia Clougherty Jones, research director at Gartner. 

Analysis, Policies and Action

  • Any Data Strategy worth its salt will begin with a comprehensive analysis of all your Data – the Structured (CRM, ERP, Accounts and Stock Management systems) and the Unstructured (emails, spreadsheets, word processing, image, video etc.).
  • Setting up policies to proactively manage Data to mirror your organisation’s policies on archiving, deletion, review and retention are key to maintaining oversight of all Data assets. If these policies are set up correctly from the outset, it means that audit day need not be filled with a sense of dread and that you can get the maximum value from all your Data.
  • Taking decisive remedial action on discovered Data is very important. Identification and removing redundant and obsolete Data at the outset and setting the correct policies to deal with ongoing Data being created daily allows you to make decisions based on your facts. You can then decide to delete, archive, retain identified Data and only keep the valuable assets on expensive Tier 1 storage, driving massive ROI on storage and commercialising the Data you retain for everyday use.

Waterford Technologies for Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data (email and file) is our business – we provide the toolset and expertise to get a concise handle on it .

We help thousands of customers daily to analyse, manage and take action on their hidden Data sets, giving them the software tools to manage themselves or the Managed Service to guide them through projects.

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