Use File Server Archiving to RECLAIM file server space, REDUCE back up times, SAVE money

by Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

In October 2013 we were contacted by a logistics company who were rapidly running out of space on their 3 file servers.

They had 2 options available to them;

  1. Install an easy to install & inexpensive file server archiving solution.
  2. Buy 3 new file servers & incur the cost of purchase and deployment.

By archiving their file data the organisation would have:

  • Full visibility of data on their 3 file servers
  • See what are the largest files on the file servers
  • Profile how recently all files have been updated
  • Identify who owns those files
  • Pinpoint the location of those files
  • How many duplicated copies of files exist on each file server

Following a successful online demo of File Archiver we sent a link to our free Storage Savings Estimator (SSE tool) which runs a quick inventory on file data once pointed at a local drive or file server. It would detail the results they could achieve by deploying an inexpensive, intelligent & easy to manage file archiving solution.

Here were the reports which were generated when they ran the (SSE) tool on their 3 file servers:

File Server Storage Savings: Server 1

File Server Archiving Savings

File Server Storage Savings: Server 2

File Server Archiving Savings 2

File Server Storage Savings: Server 3

File Server Archiving Savings 3

  • If data older than 2 years is Stubbed 725Gb of the 895GB on data would be freed up immediately
  • This is a space saving of an incredible 81%
  • Stubbing the EPS files alone will mean 200GB of space would be freed up.


The company purchased FileArchiver for the 3 servers resulting in a saving of approximately 50% and now have a sustainable architecture which ensures that they will not need to purchase storage space going forward.

See how you can reclaim valuable space by archiving the files on your server today by running our free Storage Savings Estimator tool: