Using Email, File, Social Media and Mobile Archiving to Grow Your Business

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

Check out some interesting facts and figures in the latest Osterman research White Paper.

This white paper shows email archiving is getting more and more important and that the focus is around e-discovery and legal hold Email Archivingmuch more than data reduction. These are the areas we focus on in Waterford Technologies.

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Check out the Osterman Research White Paper here.

The goal of the white paper was to demonstrate the critical importance of electronic
archiving as a best practice for any organization to follow. Specifically:

  • Archiving can be used as a primarily “defensive” capability to protect an organization from the variety of legal, regulatory and other external requirements that it will inevitably be called upon to satisfy.
  • Archiving can also be used proactively to make employees more productive, enable a better understanding of how a business operates, and manage risk effectively.
  • Archiving can provide hard cost savings that can be easily quantified, resulting in the ability to demonstrate a significant return-on-investment and a relatively short payback period.
  • Email is the most common source of archived content.

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