Waterford Technologies helps local government reduce email footprint by more than 50%

Managing Growth Without Increasing TCO!

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As you’d expect local government are often dealing with a lot of emails – all of which they have legal requirements to keep but, at the same time, are taking up a great deal of space on their servers. Waterford Technologies’ email and file archiving solutions are perfect for reducing local government’s email footprints.

We worked with Donegal County Council in Ireland to help them manage the growth of their email platform and manage their Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. We were also asked to help stop their reliance on using corruptible PST files to manage email, and help them to monitor who was adding what to the server. Our brief was to cover all this while not increasing the TCO of data management with an overly complex solution.

Our suggested solution was to implement our WT Suite, which incorporates both email and file solutions, due to the size and growth of Donegal County Council’s data.

By implementing the WT Suite (MailMeter and File Archiver), the council were able to reduce their email footprint by more than 50% through stubbing attachments directly from exchange. PST files, meanwhile, were removed from the organisation after being imported into the MailMeter solution. The WT Suite also helped with FOI requests, which could now be served via a clientless e-discovery browser. Finally, internal IT teams could stay abreast of their data with the File Analyzer and Archiver software, helping them manage space on the server. All-in-all, this reduced the TCO of data management, and saving some valuable resources.

Seán Dunnion, Project Leader, Information Systems, Donegal County Council was happy with the results: “MailMeter managed our growth in our Exchange and File environment and also covers off our E-discovery requirements in a quick and efficient manner.”

This is because the system was deployed within two days and reclaimed more than 50% of the email storage space, capturing all of the 5 million+ emails in the archive. It also provided fast (and easy) file management capabilities and enabled fast searches for FOI requests – all while meeting governance requirements.

Donegal is just one example of our work with local government, which also includes Reading Borough Council. If you manage IT for a local government authority looking to reduce your email footprint or make file management faster and simpler, you should take a look at our products or contact us to discuss your requirements.