Waterford Technologies Releases Vue-X High Speed Search Engine

Announcing Vue-X searching!  Search your MailMeter archive with blazing speed!

To meet the ever demanding volume of emails that our clients archive, we re-architected our search engine to be more scalable. Previously, MailMeter leveraged the built in SQL server search interface and used SQL as a data management tool directing information flow from Exchange to the database to the archive volumes (rich text and attachments reside) and back. With the current Vue-X engine, this allows MailMeter to build indexes outside the database and give you the following benefits:vuex2

Search Engine Performance – Our new search technology yields up to an estimated 10 fold increase in search performance. If you have users who frequently search the archive or use MailMeter Investigate for legal discovery you will see major performance improvements. Individual search users also benefit as they will see searches bringing results in faster than ever. One client told me that they used to have to wait for a few seconds and now the results just show up instantly.

Search Engine Flexibility – By going outside the bounds of SQL queries, the new Vue-X engine provides very advanced searching capabilities. Existing terms such as wildcard, Boolean, fuzzy, and phrase searching is supported but new opportunities are available also. These include proximity searching (word within xx characters of another word), boosting a term (increasing the relevance for displaying criteria), “not” searching, and grouping of terms or phrases to build complicated queries.

Database Shrinkage – As we deploy our new search engine this gives us the ability to shrink the size of your current SQL database. While very data dependent, we estimate that your current SQL Server database will shrink by up to 60% and when augmented by our new Vue-X search database, the combined storage requirement will be approximately 60% the size of the original SQL database.

Storage Tiering – SQL server is an expensive resource server, and by leveraging the Vue-X indexes outside the database, the indexes can be kept on mid to lower tier storage saving you time and money by freeing up SQL.

Reduced Backup and Recovery times- A frequent request that our customers make is to reduce the size of the SQL database and in turn the time it takes to backup of the database. With our new search engine, the size of the database will be significantly reduced so your backup times will shrink.