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Waterford Technologies Scoring Big with Sydney Swans

Sydney Swans is an Australian-rules football club which plays in the Australian Football League (AFL). The club has been based in Sydney,

Sydney Swans is an Australian-rules football club which plays in the Australian Football League (AFL). The club has been based in Sydney, New South Wales since the South Melbourne Football Club was relocated to Sydney in 1982.


Fast Search MailMeter enables you to do lightning-fast searches of all old emails. You can then tag, export out or put a legal hold on them.

Individual Search MailMeter ISR allows end-users to search their personal archive. This allows them to keep smaller mailboxes because they know they can always go back and find old emails.

MailMeter Installation Details
Mailboxes: 144

Email Server: MS Exchange

Emails in the archive: 5.4 mil

Installed modules:
• Archive
• Insight
• Investigate
• Storage Manager

End-users using both Macs and PCs.


Business Background:

In 2006, Sydney Swans knew they needed to be proactive when it came to retaining all of their emails in case they needed to be recalled in the future.  As a leading football team in Australia, they knew how valuable their communications were.  Due to the competitive nature of their business, they were worried about potential information leaks.  They also knew that keeping their old emails in a secure archive was a good idea because of the strict regulations that the AFL had on salary caps.  They knew that the AFL could audit them at any time.


The Solution:

Waterford Technologies MailMeter was implemented and immediately gave Sydney Swans a way to retain their old emails and better manage their email server at the same time.  A copy of all of the existing emails on their Exchange server was indexed into an archive, and journaling was set up to capture every future email that went through their organization, in real-time.  End-users were informed that they could now delete all their emails if they desired because they would always be able to recall copies of old emails from the archive.


The Results:

Setting up an email archive allowed Sydney Swans to be able to easily locate old emails very quickly.  End-users ended up keeping swanssmaller mailboxes while others decided to “trash” everything in their mailbox, because they knew they could always go back and search for anything they needed.

“We see our archive as a repository of knowledge,” said Mitchell Miller, Head IT Manager at Sydney Swans, “and searching in the new version is 100 times faster!”


About Waterford Technologies:

Waterford Technologies, is the leading provider of Intelligent Email and File Archiving Solutions that allow organizations to visualize data usage, analyze data patterns, and apply policies for immediate savings results.  With over 2,000 customer installations globally, Waterford Technologies provides a full range of email and file data management and reporting products for archiving, compliance, legal discovery and storage management.  The suite of MailMeter solutions allows organizations to become keenly aware of email and storage usage patterns and to take appropriate actions to improve and enforce policies for immediate results.  Existing customers typically find immediate savings in efficiency, cost avoidance, risk reduction, storage and productivity gains.  For additional information visit or call 949-428-9300